Tokyo Noodle Shop

#108, 10430 61 Ave Edmonton, AB T6H 2J3

Tokyo Noodle Shop has two locations, one on Whyte ave and one a bit more south, which is an AYCE location. It’s where Takami Sushi used to be. I’ve been to their Whyte Ave location a couple of times before for birthdays. For parking, they have a small parking lot in the back.

Tokyo Noodle Menu

I went here a while ago for lunch after a family member’s convocation. It was their choice of restaurant for celebration! As I was dining with family. I wasn’t able to grab photos of every dish that we had but I tried my best!


As with most of the AYCE sushi places in the city, sashimi is limited per person, but if you’re going with a group  of 4-5, then I find that it’s plenty! The quality of the sashimi here was pretty good, and I’d definitely come back for it. There’s salmon, tuna, red snapper, mackeral, butter fish, shrimp, surfclam, kani ,tamago, ika, and ebi.

Since we went with family, the adults usually don’t eat too much raw fish, and we opted to get an assortment of rolls and tempura for them to eat. I would say that the quality of the food here was better than that of Watari, so I think I’d opt to come back. Honourable mentions would be their sashimi and the beef tataki which I find was pretty tasty.

Overall, we had a pretty good experience here, I would definitely recommend it as one of the better AYCE places in Edmonton. Sorry for the lack of photos! I have yet to try the newest place in Edmonton (Sushi Toshi) on the northside, which I heard was very good and may be the new, best place for AYCE in Edmonton!


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