Vi’s For Pies

13408 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5N 3P5

Vi’s For Pies has been in Edmonton for decades. Honestly, I couldn’t find out on the internet exactly how long, but as I can remember/moved to Edmonton. It’s located in Glenora, in a small little strip of businesses. There’s some parking near the back of the building and in the front, and lots in the residential nearby.

I have been to Vi’s for Pies a handful of times, but always for dessert. I’ve been meaning to go for a meal for the longest time but it’s always so packed and busy, and I’ve never had the opportunity. I usually go for a sweet bite after dinner whenever we have room.

Lemon Meringue

I’ve done this on a number of occasions, but have only taken a picture of few things that I’ve tried. They have lots of desserts that are there on a regular basis, but they often have different desserts depending on the day.

Key Lime Pie

One of my favourite is the Key Lime Pie. Delicious and limey. I really like this and think it’s one of the best Key lime Pies in the city! I also had their Lemon meringue (I really like citrus), which was good, but the Key Lime was the winner for me. Both very delicious!

Carrot Cake

On another occasion, I had the carrot cake, which was moist and delicious. The sides are packed with toasted coconut which gave the cake a very nice crunch. Overall very good too! I’m a sucker for a good carrot cake.

If you have never been to Vi’s for Pies, you’re missing out! Definitely one of my favourite place to grab a sweet bite after dinner. I still have to try and make it for their regular menu some time, but I’ve heard some good things!


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