Pink Gorilla Pizzeria


7018 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 3C1

I was recently invited to give Pink Gorilla Pizzeria a try. It’s located on 109th street and 70th avenue. They have some angle parking on the south side of the building, and it was relatively empty when I can so parking was easy.

Pink Gorilla comes from the same owners as The Local Omnivore. They specialize in pizzas with unique toppings. at 20$ for a 10″ pizza, it does seem as a bit pricy, but I would say that the quality of the ingredients is what makes it worth it.

I got their namesake, the Pink Gorilla, and the Choked cheese. Along with their pizzas, they also do calzones and salads. They have several different unique sauces that come with their pizzas as well.

The Pink Gorilla comes with garlic oil, Swiss, fresh pastrami, pickled daikon, yellow mustard, and pickles. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I really liked the Pink Gorilla. It had a generous amount of pastrami which was really good and housemade, and I liked the tanginess of the pickles and mustard. It may not be for everyone but I’m very used the the contrast and sour flavours, eating nuoc mam (fish sauce) in almost everything growing up. If it’s not for you, they have a lot of other pizzas too. The crust is sturdy and hold all the ingredients and very crispy. Not too thin, not too thick. Again, price is a bit expensive at $20 for 10 inches but it’s pretty loaded and filling.

The Choked Cheese comes with artichoke dip, roast artichokes, roast zucchini, roast eggplant, fior de late, red onions, arugula, and chili flakes. I definitely liked this pizza a lot less. I found that the pizza was very one-noted, despite having such a variety of vegetables. I think it would have fared better with a different sauce base, like marinara, versus the artichoke dip. It wasn’t my preference, but then again, usually vegetarian isn’t my preference. Definitely liked the Pink Gorilla a lot more!

Each pizza comes with sauce, of which they have plenty. They have Cheese sauce, tzatziki, garlic oil, marinara, spicy sesame oil, brisket bolognese, caesar dressing, donair sauce, artichoke, labneh and honey, gravy, tahini maple, pineapple jam, butter chicken. We went with the brisket bolognese and the labnet and honey. I really enjoyed the labnet and honey which gave both pizzas a nice sweetness to it. All of these sauces sound really intriguing and I definitely would like to try more of them.


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Pink Gorilla. A lot of people associate pizza with fast food/delivery, and with that, cheap, but I prefer Pink Gorilla over most of the other fast food/delivery places. There are some mixed reviews, but there has been a lot of changes here since they’ve opened so I would still recommend giving them a try. The quality is really good, and I would come back occasionally to indulge. Give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think!

P.S. I seldomly talk about beer/alcohol on my page, but I would have to say that the beer I got while I was there (B.S. Wit by Bent Stick Brewing co.) was really good. I really liked the spice and flavour to it. Would definitely order this again if I see it on the menu.

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