EAT – Epicurean Adventure Tours

Last week I went on the ‘Tempt Your Taste Buds’ tour by Epicurean Adventure Tours. EAT was founded by Bryanna. The company believes in eating locally, supporting small businesses. All of the food on the trip is paid for 100% and an 18% gratuity is automatically added so that the restaurants benefit wholly from the experience.

The ‘Tempt Your Taste Buds’ tour is based on 124th street, and visits 5 local restaurants, with some historical sights in the Westmount neighbourhood. We started off with Zwick’s Pretzels, Meuwly’s, Duchess, Tiramisu Bistro, then Woodshed Burgers. I’ve been to all of these establishments before except Woodshed so I was very excited by the tour.

Zwick’s Pretzels started off in catering, but their pretzels were so popular, they decided to open up their own shop. We got the bag o’ nubs. The sour cream and onion, and the cinnamon sugar. Soft and delicious! I preferred the cinnamon sugar. The sour cream and onion was a tad too salty for me but still good.

Meuwly’s Spread

Our next stop was at Meuwly’s. If you watch my stories, you’ll know that I love their products. Cured meat, house made pickles, cheese, what’s not to love. They prepared a beautiful board for us, filled with their goodies. We were absolutely stuffed, and ended up packing up some of the food.

Duchess was a welcomed stop on the tour. They have tons of baked goodies and one of my favourite bakeries in Edmonton. We got a couple macarons, which they are famous for in the city. My favourite was their seasonal Haskap macaron! Beautiful colour and flavour.

Tiramisu Bistro brought the spaghetti cone to the city a couple summers ago. It’s a full order of one of their pastas, served in a cone. It’s very filling, delicious, and portable! Great to get on Thursdays when the 124th Grand Market is just across the street. Nice to eat and walk and enjoy the weather during the summer.

Lastly, was Woodshed Burger. This is the latest venture of Chef Shufelt, who also owns Workshop Eatery. Everything is made inhouse, from their fries, condiments, even their buns! For our tour, they made some smaller slider portions for us. We got their namesake, the Woodshed, which comes with Nonay beef, red wine braised onions, Irvings Farm fresh Bacon, tomato jam, and arugula. This was an amazing burger. I really liked the sweetness from the onions. The bun was fluffy and delicious. I definitely want to come back and check out their other burgers. Fries were also pretty good.


Overall, I had a great time on the tour. Our tour was interspersed with some historical information about Westmount, the buildings, information about the restaurants, and it was really interesting to hear inbetween our bites. There was a very generous amount of food at each tour. We ended up packing a little bit at each stop so that we wouldn’t be too full. At the end of the tour we also got a doughnut from Doughnut Party which was a lovely surprise. Loved the tour and definitely can see myself going on others!

Disclosure: The food from this post was gifted to us, however our opinion remains unbiased and based on our own experience.


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