Sunworks Farm x Three Boars Eatery

 8424 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E2

Last week, I was invited to a collaboration dinner between Sunworks farm and Three Boats Eatery. I’ve had dinner at Three boars a few times before and have always enjoyed my meals, and I’ve also had a number of Sunworks Farm’s products so the matching seemed perfect!


Three boars Eatery comes to you by the culinary minds being Farrow’s and Wishbone as well. It is located on 109th street, and 84th avenue, close-ish to Whyte. Parking is limited to the street parking on 109th and to the residential in the area. I’ve been a few times to Three Boars, but definitely more often, Farrow’s next door, which I really enjoy.


That evening, we were treated to a multi-course meal, starting off with a complimentary ‘Welcome cocktail’. The cocktail featured Hansen Distillery’s ‘Trouble Gin’, bitter bianco, passion fruit giffard, and a dash of lemon bitters. It was very light and refreshing I really enjoyed this cocktail, and also ordered a couple of other cocktails with my meal.

We started off with a board of bar snacks, which consisted of a chicken corndog, braise meatball, grilled dates stuffed with Moroccan Sausage, and Chicken Liver Paté. Really nicely presented! My favourite from the board was hands down the chicken liver Paté. It had a great texture and flavour. The grilled dates are a play off their famous Devil’s on Horseback, which they regularly have on their menu and one of my guilty pleasures. I did wish the skin of my corndog was a bit more crispy, but we were off to a great start.

Next was the beef tartare course. This came with pickled garlic scape, white anchovy, smoked egg yolk emulsion, dill, and rice. I really liked the flavours in this beef tartare. The dill added a really nice light and refreshing element to the dish.


The grilled chicken thigh came next, and was probably my favourite dish. It was served with sage, risotto, and a truffle honey glaze. Absolutely delicious! The risotto was cooked perfectly and had a great texture, and all of the flavours worked well together. Definitely a great plate.

The next protein was a flat iron steak. This came with a thyme-butter potato pavé, charcoal grilled tomato, and a carrot purée. The steak was tender and delicious. The potato pavé had a great crunch. I’ve really been enjoying the purée trend that’s been happening lately and this one was do different! Gave a nice savoury and additional flavour-notes to the steak and complimented it well.

Lastly were our desserts. There was a lemon tart with vanilla meringue and lemon balm, and a shmaltz caramel. These were both delicious! The lemon tart was not too sweet and the caramel had a very enjoyable chew.

Overall, I had an excellent meal at this collaboration dinner. Everything was executed really well. If you haven’t checked out Three Boars, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Their menu does change seasonally, but one thing that I definitely recommend getting is their Devil’s On Horse back. Similarly, the products from Sunworks are also quite good. I’ve had several different kinds of their chicken sausage and they are all tender and delicious. They are available at several different markets around Edmonton and central Alberta.


Disclosure: The food from this post was gifted to us, however our opinion remains unbiased and based on our own experience.

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