10429 121 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Last week I went to Wilfred’s for the first time I’ve been meaning to go for a while but have been really busy. It’s located in Brewery district. There is an enormous parking lot, and if there are no spots, they have additional underground parking for their entire complex. Wilfred’s website still lists that their breakfast ends at 11 and their lunch begins but when I got there, discovered that their breakfast sandwiches are served until 2:30PM (Bonus! I came around 11:30AM and was pleasantly surprised I’d be able to still order their soft scrambled egg sandwiches.)


The interior is really lit and the decor is nice. I like the vibe from the inside. It was quite busy and we had to wait a bit for our table. Their menu is written in a newspaper-like fashion which was neat.

Tumeric and Chai Latte

For drinks, we went with the tumeric latte and the chai latte. I liked the variety of drinks that they had. The tumeric latte was made with tumeric, ginger root, orange zest, coconut oil, oil, and steamed milk. Really fragrant and good! The Chai latte was not bad. Not the best Chai that I’ve had. Still can’t beat the pistachio chai that I’ve had from Narayanni’s (protip: you can buy it bags and make at home).

For food, I went with the Ina breakfast sandwich and Jenn got the Wilfred’s Burger.

The Ina

The Ina is one of their soft scrambled sandwiches which comes with 2 free-range eggs, soft cheese and smoked ham on a brioche bun. Overall, this was not bad. It was a bit nostalgic for me because I used to make sandwiches like these when I was younger. I thought the ham could have been slightly grilled or something to bring out some flavour but overall, this sandwich held nothing in comparison to the amazing sandwich that I had from Pip the week previous.

The Wilfred’s Burger

The Wilfred’s burger comes with a house-made patty, aioli, tomatoes, onions, white cheddar, with a side of fries. We opted to add Four Whistle Farms bacon for $2. The server warned us that the burger would come out medium rare (which I was looking forward to since I’ve heard/seen photos of the medium rare burger). It came out well-done and cooked all the way through which was a bit disappointing. Aside from that, I thought that the flavours were not bad. It is a pretty good burger but it could have used a bit more acidity to balance out the rich burger like pickles.

Overall, I had an okay experience at Wilfred’s. I saw that they are doing some exciting things with their dinner menu so I will have to come back to give it a try. For brunch, I think I’d lean towards going back to Pip for their feature sandwiches because it was phenomenal or try a few different items at Wilfred’s. Give it a try for yourself and let me know your experience.

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