Cacao 70 Sweet House


 10111 104 Ave NW #118, Edmonton

Last week I went to Cacao 70 in Ice District. It’s immediately south east of the arena, so for parking, it’s pretty sparse. I’d definitely recommend walking from transit or by some other means if you go. I had the chance to try some of their stuff when they were a pop-up in the short-term leasing inside of Kingsway Mall.


The interior is really nice and bright when it’s light outside. Large windows, nice white marble tables creates a really nice aesthetic. Definitely could see myself hanging out here and having a nice coffee (or a new spot to work on my blog!).

Apple Bacon Crunch

For a brunch/savoury item, I went with the Apple Bacon Crunch. This comes with a buckwheat crepe with bacon, apples, mild white cheddar cheese, french vanilla bean ice cream,  walnuts, icing sugar, and caramel sauce ($13.50). Overall, this was pretty good! It had a good balance between sweet and savoury (if not, maybe a bit too much on the sweet side). The bacon was nice and crispy and overall, it’s pretty good for the price.

The Little bitter chocolate sharing PLate

For a sweet item, we got the little bitter chocolate sharing plate. This comes with strawberries, bananas, ice cream, waffles, graham crackers, a little fire, and their dark chocolate. I knew that if I got their milk chocolate I would find it way too sweet. This was actually pretty good! The chocolate wasn’t too sweet and the it’s a cute way to eat smores at your table. Overall pretty good and a nice way to share a dessert with someone!IMG_20180801_181300-01

Overall, I had a good time at Cacao 70. They did invite me to try out a couple of their menus. I was skeptical at first given that when I went to their pop-up in Kingsway, I found everything really sweet. For myself, I’d stick with the savoury brunch items and the dark chocolate items. They also have a Whyte avenue location and a WEM location opening soon!

Cacao 70 sweethouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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