Yang Ming Buffet

3414 118 Ave NW, Edmonton

I’ve been to Yang Ming twice now in the last couple of months (Family-related events). I don’t know why, but my family and extended family have always loved buffets. My uncle routinely asks me if I know if any good buffets in Edmonton, and to be completely honest, I have very limited experience with buffets. Especially Chinese Buffets.


Yang Ming is located on 118th avenue and fairly east (34th street). They have parking on both sides of their building (East and West) and an ample amount of it, so that’s not an issue. Lunch prices a 16.99 on weekdays, and 18.99 on weekends for adults, and dinner is 21.99 for weekdays, and 28.99 on weekends for adults.


They have a ton of options ranging from various fried beef, pork, and chicken options that you’d typically find at an asian food court place, to mussels, calamari, various noodles. They also have Dim Sum daily. On top of this, they have a sushi area where there’s a chef continually making maki rolls.


One thing that separates their weekend food from weekday is that on weekends, they have crab legs, sashimi, and peking duck! These are fairly hot commodities so you have to check back frequently or even just wait in line.


For desserts, they have various pastries, from Asian desserts like egg tarts, to other strudels and cakes. They also have a little ice cream area as well.


Overall, it’s not a bad buffet, but I don’t have much to compare to. On weekends, I really like their peking duck, but mostly for sheer quantity. I can’t see myself really craving this or going all the way out of my way for it. I personally would prefer an AYCE sushi experience over a buffet but it’s hard to compare since they are two different things. Give this place a try! I think it’s definitely worth it for a weekday lunch if you find yourself there. Or an evening dinner is not too bad either.

Yang Ming Asian Buffet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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