10190 104 Street NW, Edmonton

I just wanted to write a quick post on DOSC for the SEO to give you guys a chance to get a bit of info if you were thinking of checking it out. I had the chance to go try DOSC for their media night. They are located on 104th street and 101 avenue so right downtown Edmonton. DOSC stands for Drunken Ox Sober Cat. During the day it’s a cool cafe, and at night it doubles as a restaurant! The space is right at the outdoor City Market during the summer days and I have no doubt will be a popular spot for patrons to check out while also at the market.

They have a nose-to-tail concept where they’ll be trying to use all parts of the animal. The restaurants comes from the minds of Isaac Choi (owner of Japonais Bistro/Dorinku), and Jake Lee (owner of Seoul Fried Chicken), and Shangeeta Prasad (Restaurant Consultant and operations expert).

They will have an extensive list of cuts, with just two types of beef being imported from outside of Canada (Miyazaki Wagyu). Because Japonais gets fish imported from Japan every week, it opened up the opportunity to get Japanese Wagyu here as well!

For food, we were given 12 different courses, so these are tasting portions given to us to try. I am only going to talk about my favourite 4.

One of my favourite was the sweetbreads and tendon. The tendon was amazingly tender and the lime was perfect to cut the richness and fattiness of the meat. Really delicious dish.

Sweetbreads & Tendon

The smoked ham and pickled asparagus was possibly my favourite dish all night. All the flavours worked perfectly together. Definitely recommend getting this if there is something like it on the menu!

Pickled asparagus with smoked ham, bearnaise, and pickled mustard seed.

The marrow mash was also another favourite of mine. It comes with yukon gold mashed potato, bone marrow, and chives. Amazing texture, and a great savoury flavour. I’ve seen many get this already on social media and have only heard good things!

Marrow Mash

Amazing piece of beef! Soooo good! enough said. Imported from Japan! Definitely a must try!

Miyazaki chuck Wagyu

Overall, I had a good time. I haven’t had a chance to check out their breakfast/morning items. It’s always difficult to say since it is a media event but it may be worth checking out if they can keep up with this quality.

Update: heard there has been several turnover of staff and chefs so the quality/service has been quite dynamic. Try to look for more recent reviews for some updated information.

DOSC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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