Yuzen Japanese Restaurant *CLOSED*


(This restaurant is now *CLOSED* )

1 Hebert Road #127, St. Albert

Last weekend I went to St.Albert to try out Yuzen for the first time. I’ve heard really good things about it and I’ve always been meaning to go, but with the increase in options inside of Edmonton for Ramen, it has taken me a lot longer to get out there!
It’s located in a small strip mall, so for parking,there is an ample amount. I heard seating there could be a bit tricky if you come on peak times, but I didn’t have any issues.


For ramen, they have traditional broths, tonkotsu mix, and gyokai. I opted to go with the traditional tonkotsu broth, and Jenn got the Gyokai Spicy Miso. At Yuzen, you have the option of getting thin or thick noodles, and we both got the thin noodles. Also, to start off, we opted to go with some tako wasa.

Tako Wasa

The tako wasa here was quite good. It had a good amount of wasabi flavour and the octopus was fresh. Overall, pretty good! I always like getting this to share because it’s really refreshing and easy to take a few bites in between slurps of ramen!

I’d be a bit wary about toppings next time I come. Bowls that come with Cha shu included only comes with one slice. I’d be sure to order an additional side of on top! On top of that, I usually always opt to get an egg. Advertised as a soft-boiled egg, but mine was a bit overdone. Still delicious though.

Traditional Tonkotsu

The traditional Tonkotsu broth was really flavourful and I thought in terms of broth, one of the best that I’ve had in Edmonton. Whenever I go to a new ramen place, I always go with the traditional so I can get a clear comparison. The chashu was really tender and good, and the noodles had a good bite to them. Overall, a very good bowl of ramen.

Gyokai Spicy Miso

The Gyokai spicy Miso broth is a seafood broth which comes with minced pork. Jenn opted to add a side of chashu which comes with 5 pieces which is well worth it in my opinion. Overall, the broth had a nice savoury flavour, but I found that it was lacking compared to the spicy miso broth that I’ve had from Tokiwa. Overall, still a really good bowl of ramen.

Overall, I had a good time at Yuzen. I almost never find myself in St. Albert, but I went on the weekend to check out the farmer’s market and go to Hole’s. If you’re hankering for some ramen and are in the area, it’s worth it. I live downtown and there are so many good options for ramen now, I’d probably only go back to Yuzen if I were in the area. That being said, you could definitely make an amazing bowl at Yuzen. My recommendations would be to go with the traditional Tonkotsu, with a side of chashu. For extra flavour, you can get some ma-yu (black garlic oil) to your bowl!

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