Only The Good Stuff


15135 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y2

Only the Good Stuff is located on Stony Plain Road. I went a while back because they were doing a promotion with Taste of Stony Plain. They are on Stony Plain, so the main road is busy, but they have parking in the back and there is some on the sides. I will preface this that it is a Bar, so for food my expectations weren’t high.


We went with a signature appetizer platter, which has spring rolls, deep-fried wontons, wings, spare ribs, and fries. This was actually quite a good platter. When I go to the bar, I often get the sampler platter which has an assortment of fried foods, but I really liked the asian-influence to the dish.

For food we went with their tataki and a rice dish. I can’t remember the name of the rice dish, but it came with minced pork and green beans. Overall, I was actually impressed with the quality of the food, given that it’s a bar. The pork and green beans dish was very nostalgic for me. It tasted exactly like the dish that my mom used to make growing up. We did get a bulldog as well, which was pretty good. It was a strawberry one with soju which was fruit, strong, and tasty.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Only the Good stuff. The interior is clean and neat, and the food is relatively good and homemade considering that it’s a bar. I would come back here for happy hour if I was primarily focusing on drinks, since food is a bit healthier than your typical bar/pub fare. NB: their menu has changed dramatically since I’ve been here.


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