Cha for Tea Palace

Last week I went to Cha For Tea Palace for Dim Sum. It’s located on the west side on Stony Plain Road, and it’s close to Jumbo Dim Sum as well, so there’s a couple options for Dim Sum on the west side.

There is a small parking lot in this strip, and generally there’s lots of space, but on Sundays, it can get a bit full! I’ve been to Cha for Tea Palace in the evening as well for their regular fare, but I really enjoyed their Dim Sum.

I got most of the Dim Sum basics! Siu Mai (shrimp and pork meatball), Har Gow (shrimp dumpling with tapioca shell), Fun Guo (chicken feet), etc. These were really big and really good! These are what I would call the classic dishes, and ones I usually always get. Chicken feet might not be for everyone but I always encourage people to just try it a little bit!

One thing I like about Cha for Tea Palace is that they have a lot of dishes that I haven’t really seen at other Dim Sum Restaurants. They offer skewers, a beef stew combination, and many other dishes.

Peanut and Pork dumpling

My least favourite dish was probably this pork and peanut dumpling. It was really hollow and the peanut flavour was too strong.

A few other classics I’ve had were taro cake, tripe, and rice roll with chinese donut. These are another 3 that I recommend getting. The taro cake is one of my favourite things to get. It’s relatively filling, and usually a pretty big portion and easy to share.


This fried taro cake is also one of my favourite things to get. The inside is taro and ground pork, and the outside is crispy. It’s really savoury and delicious!

Fried Taro Cake 

Along with the Dim Sum dishes, you can also special order dishes such as calamari, curry squid, and rice rolls.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Cha for Tea Palace. I find that they have a lot of variety of dishes that aren’t offered at other Dim Sum places. The food is good, comes around frequently, and the service is generally good. Check this place out for yourself!

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