10542 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

Last week, I went to Wishbone for dinner. It’s located right on Jasper avenue, above RedStar. I’ve been meaning to go for a while, but then it was downtown dining week so it was an opportune time. That being said though, when I added up all the items that you get for downtown dining, it didn’t come up to much of a deal, and the other dishes on the menu appealed more to me so we opted to just order off their regular menu.

Raspberry Point Oysters

We went with a half dozen of oysters because it was happy hour. Two bucks a shuck, so along the sane prices of other places that offer oysters. They also offered the same east coast oysters, raspberry point, as Black Pearl, Wich I ad the previous week. The oysters at Wishbone were a bit on the fishy and they didn’t taste as fresh as Black Pearl. Maybe we just had a few funky ones.

Lobster Roll

We also went with their lobster roll. This is a popular menu item, and also one of the ones offered during their regular happy hour, as well as for dinner (which comes with fries). The lobster roll came with and crispy hickory sticks, and a nice and soft roll. It could have used chunks of lobster instead of lobster flakes. Still, it’s a good price at only 15 for lunch.


For our other dish, we got the scallops. This comes with scallops (3), charcoal grilled leek, bacon, crispy rice, tamarind, and sweet & sour sauce. The flavours in this were pretty good, albeit a bit small. Three scallops, a quarter of a strip of bacon, and leek. It had a nice texture from the crispy rice and was overall enjoyable.

Overall, other than the few funky oysters, I had a decent time at Wishbone. It was really lively and I liked the vibe. Will have to come back and try their cocktails and other dishes!

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