12556 132 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Sorry for the reason hiatus! I’ve had a couple busy of weeks but I’m getting back to it and have a few places to write about.

Last week, I was invited to give Safir a try. It’s located on 132 Avenue and 125 street. It is a Turkish Restaurant that serves authentic Mediterranean food. They only opened a couple of months ago, and it’s kind of a hidden gem right now.

We opted to get the Trio Kebab, the Beyti Sarma, the chicken pide, and the kunefe for dessert. All of the meat that they serve is halal and they have a variety of dishes to choose from on their menu. We got some Turkish Coffee and Tea to start. I really like the flavours of the coffee! It’s a bit unique and has a great aroma.

Trio Kebab

The Trio Kebab comes with a lamb, adana, and chicken kebab, served with fries, rice, mixed salad, hummus, and garlic paste. My favourite part of this would probably be the fries and garlic paste. It’s kind of like a garlic mayo, and the fries seemed twice fried and incredibly crispy and delicious. Of the three kebabs, the adana kebab was my favourite. It’s a huge portion and a lot bigger than it looks.

Beyti Sarma

The Beyti Sarma comes with the same sides, but with kebab meat wrapped in a pita, drizzled with a tomato hot sauce. This was also really good, and a very big portion. The meat was really flavourful and delicious. I really like the smokiness in the meat and the vegetables.

Chicken Pide

The Chicken Pide was one of my favourite dishes of the night. It was cheesy, piping hot, and delicious. They have chili flakes available on the table which gives it a a nice kick. Also a very generous portion and very reasonably priced.


Lastly, for dessert, we had the kunefe. I usually don’t opt to get dessert, but I’m glad I did. This was crispy, savoury, and sweet. There’s cheese all throughout and a crispy pastry soaked in a rich syrup. A tad on the rich side but so delicious. I definitely recommend giving this a try.


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Safir. The owner is really friendly and the service was great. All of the portions are quite generous and the prices are really great! We had to pack up most of the food and I have a big appetite. Definitely give this place a try.

Safir Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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