The Melting Pot


2920 Calgary Trail NW #117, Edmonton, AB

A couple weeks ago I went to Melting Pot for the first time. I always kind of wanted to try it, but it is so far away from me, but I had won “A big Night Out” dinner from them, so I figured it was now or never.

I had gone on a Friday night, and made reservations. Even though there is a huge parking lot, it was pretty packed, but there is a lot of parking behind their building.


They have a cushy waiting area, and despite our reservations, it seems like things were quite backed up, and a lot of patrons were opting to sit up at the bar for a few drinks before their table was ready. We didn’t get seated until maybe 40 minutes after our reservation.

For their 4-course meals, you get a choice of a cheese fondue, soup/salad, the main entrée, and then your choice of a chocolate fondue.


We decided to splurge and get a whole bottle of wine. They serve all their bottles in a decanter, and they actually have decanters available for sale as well at the front (along with last minute flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, etc).

For the cheese fondue, we went with the artichoke & spinach. This comes with Butterkäse and fontina cheese, with spinach, artichoke hearts, and garlic melted. They prepare the fondue in front of you and melt the cheese at your table. Along with the cheese fondue, you’re given artisan bread, and seasonal fruits/veggies. These are complimentary but I found they gave you the perfect amount for how much cheese you have! We ate the whole thing.

House Salad

Next, we were given our option of salads/soup. Their daily soup didn’t really appeal to me, so I opted to get their house salad. This comes with Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, croutons, and sliced egg with honey mustard dressing. Delicious! I really liked this salad. It was packed full of flavours, and the sliced egg was cooked perfectly and really added to the salad.


For our Entrée, you have a choice of their complimentary cooking broth, or you can get a flavoured or infused broth. We went with their Coq Au Vin, which comes with Burgundy wine infused with fresh herbs, spices, and mushrooms.

Along with this, for our meal we get a cold water tail lobster, teriyaki marinated sirloin, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, pacific white-tail shrimp, and their seasonal pasta, which was mushroom-stuffed ravioli and a risotto ravioli. We also received some mushrooms and broccoli for our entrée.

Along with our meal, we were given six different kinds of sauces. Sesame steak sauce, blue cheese, teriyaki, yogurt curry, cream cheese, and plum. My favourites were the sesame steak sauce and the blue cheese! Delicious

Though I probably could have gone with more than one ravioli of each kind, given all the cheese and fillers that we’ve eaten, I was getting pretty full.

Dark & Dulce

For the chocolate fondue, we went with the Dark & Dulce. This comes with dark chocolate, melted with Dulce De Leche, and topped with sea salt. They give you a side of the sea salt so you can add as much as you like.


This is served with seasonal fruits, which for us was strawberries, bananas, cantaloupe, along with some pieces of cheesecake and brownies. The fruit is also complimentary, but I found that we had just the right amount of chocolate for what we were given.

Overall, I had a pretty good time at The Melting Pot. The service was really good, and the food was decent. That being said, it doesn’t really require chefs in the back. All of the fondue is prepared in front of you, by your server. The protein comes pre-marinated, so all you really need is prep in the back, and you’re responsible for not over cooking (they give you recommended cook times). People go to The Melting Pot because it’s an experience, and a fun thing to do, but not necessarily the food. It can be re-created at home relatively easily. I would say go once for the experience, but if you’re just wanting to eat fondue, you’d be better off buying quality ingredients, a fondue pot, and DIY at home.

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