Weekend in Jasper


In December, I went to Jasper for a couple of days just to get out of the city. It’s just a 4 hour drive from Edmonton, with a few things to see on the way. I’ve been to Maligne Canyon a few times during the spring/summer time, but never during the winter, so I opted to go on a short hike one of my days in Jasper.


If you want to do a guided tour, Sundog Tours do a pretty good tour, and they have multiple options. You can do the Icewalk, or a wildlife tour, or even dogsledding! We saw quite a few elk and other animals while in Jasper!


For food, one of my first stops is Bear Paw’s Bakery, but I actually haven’t been since they opened up their second location, Other Paw’s Bakery. This location is newer, bigger, and with a lot more offerings! This might be my new go-to for the next time I’m in Jasper. You can read my full review on it here, and my full review on Bear Paw’s Bakery here.


Oka Sushi is another favourite place of mine to stop when I’m in Jasper. Chef Oka makes sushi right in front of you and it’s a really great experience. The restaurant only seats 12 so make sure you call in advanced and make a reservation! You can read more about the sushi here.


Jasper is great for making day trips from because there are tons of hikes nearby. The Athabasca Glaciers are a little bit further away, but it’s really nice! But if you’re readying for a longer day trip, I’d recommend going to Patricia Street Deli to pick up sandwiches. It’s quick, convenient, and delicious. They make rotisserie chicken in-house, and shred it up to serve as an option on their sandwiches. They have a lot of house-made sauces and you can really customize your sandwich. Read more about it here.


Lastly, dining in Jasper itself in the evening has limited options. There are a lot of pubs/restaurants where you can get burgers and other casual fare but not very many places where you can get some finer dining. I opted to go to The Raven Bistro one night. To keep it short, it was not bad, but a bit on the expensive side for what you get. You can read the full review here.


Overall, there are lots of fun activities to do in and around Jasper. Personally, 2-3 days in Jasper and the surrounding areas is enough for me. You’re able to see what you want to see, and for food, you can quickly exhaust your options.






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