El Cortez

8230 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to come to El Cortez to try their new winter menu. I’ve been here a few times before, for their annual Cinco De Mayo party, and for drinks and appies. It’s located right off Whyte Ave, on Gateway Boulevard. Most of the time that I’m here, it’s usually not for food. The music/bar scene here gets pretty rowdy on weekends. It’s usually really packed, and lively, so it seems like they are looking to promote their dining scene a bit more.

The event was in the evening, and was a little bit louder. I didn’t get to try too many things, but of the things that I did, everything was pretty good.

Valentina’s Cauliflower Tempura

For appies, I had the Valentina’s cauliflower tempura. This comes with cauliflower tempura, with a Valentina glaze, and served with a chipotle salsa creama dip. This was said to be a staff favourite and for good reason. It’s nice and crunchy, and very satisfying to eat! And great for sharing.

Oaxacan Mussels
Bul go gi Tacos
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here. Thanks again to El Cortez for inviting me to try their Winter menu. I was only able to try a few dishes, but from what I ate, it was really promising! Give it a try.
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8230 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton

A couple of weeks ago, I went to El Cortez for the first time and was really impressed! I had heard really good things about El Cortez from a few of my friends, and when I was lucky enough to be invited to their Cinco De Mayo party, I was definitely interested!

El Cortez is small building right off Whyte. It offers a Mexican kitchen and tequila bar. They specialize in modern Latin food and tequila. Chef Lindsay Porter has created a menu which encompasses everything from tapas, to Latin entrées, to gourmet street foods & tacos, to nuevo latino fusion dishes. Interesting fact : they are one of only 9 establishments in the world certified by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (The Tequila Regulatory Council)!

They just recently launched their brunch menu which is available on Satuday and Sunday, which I definitely need to check out. That day, I was able to sample a variety of Chef Porter’s creations!

Original Margarita

We started off with one of their margaritas. They have an extensive list of tequilas and cocktails, so I just went with the original. It was a nice spring day, and we were outside on the patio while the sun was beaming on us. It was really refreshing and light.

Mina Tuna Tostadas

The mina tuna tostadas was probably my favourite thing that night. Avocado, chipotle aioli, nice tuna, cucumber, and pickled onions served on a nice and crispy chip. Great flavours and it all goes well with each other. Definitely recommend this one.

Bacon Torta

The next thing we had was avocado and bacon torta. This is guacamole egg salad, spicy berry, aji aioli, greens, queso on a grilled cornbread. Some similar is offered on their brunch menu! Also very good.


Ceviche is also top on my favourite foods to eat! They offer a couple of different kinds at El Cortez; snapper and shrimp, and grilled tuna. We were given the snapper and shrimp on this day. It comes with Serrano peppers, lime, tomato, and ours had some red onions. Delicious!

Next we had a veggie quesadilla, arrachera steak tacos, and creamy poblano pollo tacos. The veggie quesadilla was okay. Not my favourite item of the night, but not bad! It’s good to know that they have some vegetarian options! Mine was loaded with cheese and had some good sweetness from the corn. The steak and chicken tacos were also very good! A lot of good flavours and delicious. It’s good to know that there are some good alternatives to some good tacos other than Tres Carnales!

Lastly, we did have a few other items, that seems like were only offered that night. Mostly accentuated their amazing guac, and spicy Berry jam, which are both great. They also have churros and other desserts, but unfortunately there weren’t enough to go around. Overall I really enjoyed my experience here, and I’m definitely going to come back and try out their brunch. They really brought their A-game for this event and definitely impressed. I hope that goes for every night they have and not just events! El Cortez is definitely a neat little place! Definitely give it a try.

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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