Shushitto On The Road (YYZ)

One food trend that’s been going around for a while now is the sushi burrito. Sushitto On the Road was just a food truck that we just so happened so stumble upon while we were walking towards the CN tower. It’s often parked outside of College Street, we opted to give their sushi burrito a try, and a new “pho-rrito”.


The sushitto was pretty good, with nice pieces of salmon, fake crab, cucumbers, cabbage, avocado, and rice. Good flavours, and really enjoyable to eat.


The “pho-rrito” however, was not that enjoyable. I’m sure many would agree with me is that an integral part of pho is the broth, which obviously when eating in a burrito is non-existent. It was rice noodles, thin pieces of beef, cilantro, and other pho fixings in a flour tortilla. It just didn’t quite work out together. The tortilla did not go with the rest of the ingredients, and the rice noodles were too dry. I’d stick to the sushitto.

Overall, it was a happy discovery. It was something that I was glad to stumble upon, just so that I could give it a try. I read that they closed down the truck to open a permanent restaurant location but I haven’t heard much about it. Happy Discovery!




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