Jabistro (YYZ)

222 Richmond St W, Toronto

One of the things I wanted to eat while in Toronto was Sushi. I did a bit of research and settled on Jabistro. They give off an elegant, clean, and modern vibe. They have an extensive sake and drink menu, and for food, they specialize in fresh sashimi and blow torched sushi.

We went with their sashimi sampler and a blow-torched sushi, roll, and scallop/eggplant dish.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of what the sashimi was served on but they had half of a fish carcass, breaded and fried. Each of the sashimi platters and plates that were coming out were all uniquely plated.

Assorted Sashimi

The sashimi was really good, very fresh. They also serve it with two different soy sauces, one that’s house-made and a bit sweeter. Overall, very good and worth getting. I saw people ordering large orders of the sashimi and then a side of rice to eat with it, which is what I think I would do if I were to go again.

Salmon Oshizushi and JaBistro roll

The pressed sushi we got was their salmon oshizushi, and the roll we got was the JaBistroll, their name sake. Pressed and torched sushi has been all of the rage for a while now, and for good reason. The salmon oshizushi was savoury and smokey, definitely worth ordering. And their JaBistroll is salmon, snowcrab, uni, cucumber, and tobiko. This roll was huge and packed with flavour. So many different flavours that all worked together.

Scallops and Eggplants

Lastly was their eggplant and scallop dish. Lightly breaded, and served with a sweet miso. It was light and refreshing. Not bad, but a bit underwhelming compared to their other dishes. I’d stick with their sushi dishes.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Jabistro. It’s a nice place for a date night. It’s a bit more upscale for a nice evening out. Again, their sushi and sashimi was a bit better than their other dishes so I would recommend sticking with that. Also, if you’re there for a drink after work, this place is also good because of their extensive list of alcohol.

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