Honest Dumplings

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Farmer’s market inside of City Hall. It’s the Farmer’s market that is usually on 104th street, but during the winter months, migrate to City Hall. It’s a lot smaller than I expected, and it seems to have significantly less vendors. Nonetheless, I decided to try Honest Dumplings for the first time.


For those of you who don’t know what or who they are, it’s owned by Chris Lerohl and Ray Ma. Their dunplings are made with with healthy, natural. and local ingredients. Their dumplings are made from scratch with no preservatives, no MSG, and no artificial colouring or flavouring.

They get some of their ingredients from Sparrow’s Nest Organics & Peas on Earth Organic Garden, and their meat is antibiotics and hormone-free from Ben’s Meats and Deli in Edmonton.


I opted to try their Carnivore variety pack, which comes with four different kind of dumplings. They also offer vegetarian versions of their dumplings as well. The kinds of dumplings in my variety pack were traditional pork, maple pork belly, spicy chicken, and ginger beef.


Honestly, they are all pretty good! They are all unique and pack their own individual flavours. You can also buy whole bags of some of their flavours as well.


My favourite out of this pack would have to be the Maple Pork Belly dumpling. It comes in a green onion wrapper, and the inside is nice and savoury, with a hint of sweetness. Overall a really good dumpling. I think they are both farmer’s markets on Saturdays, and the Callingwood market as well. If you ever see their booth, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try!






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