Don Day


3212 Parsons Road NW, Edmonton

A little while back, I was really having a Korean kick and went to 3-4 different Korean restaurants in a matter of a couple of weeks, with one of my favourite being Don Day. It’s located pretty south Edmonton on Parsons road and 32 avenue. There’s a small parking lot, which is relatively empty in the evening, so parking is relatively easy. The interior is small, with wooden tables. There’s usually some k-pop playing in the background on some TV.


Don Day is a little bit more like a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ restaurant, or a secret gem, so price-wise, I would say that it’s relatively good compared to the other Korean Restaurants. They have a lot of your traditional Korean dishes, like bulgogi, B bim baab and pork bone soup. I got Bulgogi topokki and spicy beef short ribs. I wanted to try something I’ve never seen on other menus, so I also went with BBQ pork intestines.

Bulgogi Topokki

The Bulgogi Topokki was very good. I would have to say that it was the best rice cakes that I’ve ever had. It was nice and soft, and not too chewy. Some of the rice cakes that I’ve had at other Korean restaurants are pretty dense, but these were light and went great with the sauce. I’d definitely recommend this, or another rice cake dish!

Spicy Beef Short Ribs

The Spicy beef short ribs were a little bit disappointing. I really like beef short ribs, in  many different ways, but I would say that the sauce for this one was too overpowering. It was quite thick, and coated the meat, was very rich. It was sweet and very spicy, and didn’t really do the meat justice. I would maybe try just regular beef short ribs next time!

Lastly, for our entree, I had the BBQ pork intestines. This actually came out relatively early in our meal, right off the start.  It comes with mushrooms, onions, and rice cakes. You had to wait for the grill to get hot and then cook it yourself. I’ve had intestines many times before, but never quite served this way. After it cooks and get hot, it crisps up really nicely and you can flip it. I really enjoyed this dish and would definitely get it again. It may not quite be in your alley to try a dish like this, but I’ve had intestines a lot growing up, so it doesn’t phase me too much. It’s definitely a good experience! The taste of it is pretty mild, if anything, I would say the texture may throw off some people!

Ban Chan

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Don Day. I really like the mom and pop feel of the restaurant. It seems like they put a lot of effort into it and into their food. The prices are relatively good, and the dishes are flavourful and unique. If you’re not on the adventurous side, there are always Korean classics like beef bulgogi and B Bim baab to eat. It is a bit out of the way for me to get there, but if definitely one of my go-to Korean restaurants if I’m south side!

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