Cibo Bistro


11244 104 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Updated review: April 2018


Recently, I went back to Cibo Bistro. They’ve just launched a new promotion where they are offering 8$ cocktails on Thrusday.

Polpo (Octopus)

Last time I was here, the Octopus was my favourite dish. It was the best Octopus that I’ve ever had, and it did not disappoint again. The octopus is cooked perfectly and is amazingly tender. Definitely recommend getting this dish.

Beef Tartare

The feature salumi tonight was a beef tartare. This came with their sourdough bread and also came with their house made foccacia. This was probably one of the best beef tartares I’ve ever had. It was perfectly seasoned, and the two breads went very well with it.

Feature Pasta

Tonight’s feature pasta was a tomato leaf spaghetti, ndjua, and bufali di campania. This is cooked with chorizo and it gave the sauce a really nice kick. The pasta was cooked perfectly and went great with the sauce. The kitchen also split the dish into two so it’s easier for sharing!

Duck Breast

Lastly, we got their feature protein, which was the duck. The duck breast was cooked perfectly, and the duck skin was really crispy. It’s served with a cherry reduction which goes really well with the duck. One of the better duck dishes I’ve had in the city!

Beef Tartare

A little while ago, I finally went to Cibo Bistro. I’ve been wanting to go here for a while now, and then finally had the occasion to go. They generally are pretty busy in the evenings for dinner, so I recommend making reservations. They’re on open table, so it’s relatively easy! They’re located right in Oliver Square, and there’s an ample amount of parking.


The restaurant focuses on simple italian food. They cure their own meats, make their own cheese, and hand roll their own pasta. They also try to buy everything locally! They change their dishes seasonally, so some of the dishes from my review may no longer be served. For dishes, we got the Trio Di Bruschetta and grilled octopus for appetizers, and went with the Mezzaluna and Tagliatelle for entrées.

For three different bruschettas, there was pancetta, roasted fennel aioli, apple gremola; wild mushroom ragu, tartufo, moliterno; and 24-month prosciutto di parma, quail egg. This was probably my favourite dish of the night. Each of them had a lot of depth and elements to it. This is a fun dish to share and eat with someone.

Grilled Octopus

The other appetizer we got was the grilled octopus. This was grilled octopus served with cavolo nero salad, toasted almonds, oranges, chili vinaigrette. The two appetizers were my favourite dishes of the night.This was probably one of the best octopus dishes that I’ve ever had. It was cooked perfectly, and was tender. It went really nicely with the salad and vinaigrette. Definitely recommend this dish.


One of the pastas we got was the mezzaluna. This was pasta stuffed with roasted cauliflower, taleggio, and 12-year old balsamico vecchio in a sauce. This was a relatively good pasta. Great chew, well seasoned. My only qualm is that it was a really small portion for 25 dollars. But I’d definitely get this at lunch when the prices are cheaper!

Wild Boar Bolognese

The other pasta we got was the Tagliatelle. This came with wild boar bolognese, basil oil, 2 year aged vacche rosse parmigiano. I preferred the mezzaluna over this pasta. This dish was a little bit underwhelming as well. The pasta was good, but there was not very much bolognese. It was really good, but again, maybe better to get for lunch! Or maybe I just need to adjust my expectation of prices! Italian food is expensive l! But worth it when it’s good.

Overall, my experience at Cibo Bistro was pretty good. The night started off really great with the appetizers! If came back, I’d probably just order a bunch of appetizers! Their lunch menu and prices seem a lot more appealing to me, and that’s when I’d recommend ordering their pasta and I’ve heard great things about their lunch and lunch deals so I definitely recommend it!

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