Chefs Plate: Chef-level Meal Kit Delivery

While we normally cover restaurants, the Chefs plate subscription service is an alternative to dining out that we simply cannot ignore. Meal Kit companies have been gaining in popularity in the last few years, and the services are no stranger to average Canadian consumers.Chefs plate is one of the most prominent options available throughout Canada.

How does the Chefs Plate Service Work?

Chefs Plate is a subscription meal delivery service, which means you cannot order a one-off meal whenever you want. You have to log into their website, mark your preference, supply your address, and commit into a monthly subscription. The costs range between $45 and $145 a week depending on how many times a week you would like to receive your meal, and how many family members (portions) you require, but the kicker is that it’s cheaper than any other competitor and only comes down to $9 per portion which is less than what it would cost eating out almost anywhere.

This Chefs Plate analysis shows that it’s easy to skip meals if you don’t require them (through simply indicating so through the app), and that customers are generally happy (four times more upvotes than downvotes). 

Is a Meal Kit Healthier than Eating Out

Meal kits are built in a nutritionally balanced way by a specialist so that they would quality as “health food”, and in Chefs Plate’s case it’s “healthy chef-level cuisine” which makes it all the more attractive. If we look at individual dishes which are currently available such as the Pan Braised Greek Chicken, we can see 760 calories per serving with a great balance of 48g protein, 28g fat, and 82g carbs (good ones too). This is a splendid tasting and looking Mediterranean dish with a very good balance and portions which are likely to satisfy even the hungrier diners (285g of chicken breast and 170g of rice). This is very handy for us because we do casual weight training and track our macros.

There is no comparison between fresh-food nutritionally balanced meal kits, at least the ones that Chefs Plate is providing, and dining out. Dining out constantly increases sodium and cholesterol levels by a tremendous level as per scientific researches.

Chefs Plate Meals and Packaging

The whole concept of meal kits isn’t particularly attractive for people who hear about it for the first time. Who really wants to cook your own food when you’re already paying for a service? Why not have it full cooked?

The thing about Chefs Plate and other Canadian meal kit companies is that through operating the way they do they are able to achieve two pivotal value adds:

  • Food comes FRESH. The fact it is not cooked in advance makes it tastier but also more nutritious as cooking affects the nutritional content of a dish.
  • Food is tastier this way. It’s no big secret that while hot food is being delivered, it gets mushy. With meal kits that doesn’t happen.

Additionally, the packaging itself is environmentally friendly and easy. Everything is prepacked to a portion-size packages and that makes cooking easier and quicker. It was reported that cooking a meal kit by Chefs Plate would take less than 25 mins on average per dish.

Chefs Plate is a great solution for those who want to try a variety of food but keep things cheaper and healthier than dining out every other day. The Chefs Plate dishes are tailored to the prospective customer, based on his preferences and level of cooking. The quality of ingredients is high and the packaging if professional and novice friendly.

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