5th Street Food Hall – Edmonton’s First Food Hall

Sorry for the ridiculously long hiatus. We have not had much time to write on our blog in the last year and a half. We are both healthcare workers and haven’t had too much free time. We were also busy in our personal lives. We got engaged, married, and purchased our first home. But enough pre-amble, on with the topic of the post, Edmonton’s first food hall!

The 5th Street Food Hall is Edmonton’s first Food Hall. It’s located at 10344 105th street. They have a small parking lot just south of the building, and lots of accessible street parking nearby. The idea for the food hall comes from Just Cook Kitchens, founded by Jennifer Keith and Luke Butterworth. They want to help chefs and cooks get pass the barriers and nuances of opening up a restaurant and provide a place for chefs to be able to thrive, and focus on the food. You can read more about their story here. We were invited this weekend to have a little media preview of the space and sample some of the food offerings.

Right now, they have four different food vendors that are located there; Backstairs Burger, Seitan’s, Three Foodies, and Hom. We were able to sample some dishes from each of the food concepts. It’s amazing to have such diverse food all in one place! There’s definitely something to get for everyone. Each chef has an amazing story, and it really goes through their cooking. You can read more about each concept here.

Backstairs Burger specialize in making burgers with eleated ingredients and pushing the idea of what the perfect could be. We sampled the OG burger and their Sugarskull burger. The OG comes with bacon, house american cheese, crack sauce, sweet onion pickle, tomato, shredded lettuce. The Sugarskull comes with a bone marrow caramel glazed patty, pickled onion, tomato, horseraddish aioli, and original Ruffles chips. Lots of textures and we really liked the sweetness of the patty!

Seitan’s is plant-based and serves some casual fare like nachos, wings, pizza, and mac and ‘cheese’. We were able to sample their fried oyster mushroom slider, Buffalo chickun slider, seitan chickun, and pizza bites. Everything is plant-based despite the names of the items!

At Three Foodies, we were able to sample the pulled pork slider, the cheeseburger panini slider, and their brownie. Their inspiration is old school diners to Southern-style barbecue, pub favourites, and decadent desserts. Lots of try at this vendor!

Lastly, Hom. Hom means “fragrant” and is the ideology behind the experience when you eat their food. It’s fragrant, rich, flavourful, and embodies essence of South Eat Asian cuisine. We tried the Nam Khao and Rendang!

On top of the food vendors, the food hall also sells products from tons of local producers around the city! We definitely recommend checking out the space! There’s tons of things to try. They hope to host pop-ups and other events at the food hall as well so keep tabs on their social media for upcoming experiences.



  1. My gratitude to all healthcare workers. I can only imagine how grueling the pandemic has been for you both.
    Congratulations on all of the personal milestones that you’ve accomplished in the midst of it!

    What a cool concept for a place to eat! Such a great option for folks who might be craving different kinds of food than those they are dining with. Beautiful to see the local businesses working together too. I wish them all the success!


    • Thank you so much for the comment! We’ve dined at a few food halls when in Toronto and Vancouver! Glad that such a space has come to Edmonton. Hope more of these type of places pop up around the city 🙂


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