Artisti Pizzeria *Closed*


 11998 109a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0M2

Artisti Pizzeria is located on 119th street in the complex that holds Cafe Linnea, Doughnut Party, and the Local Omnivore. It is on the west side of the complex and has a few parking stalls, but there is street parking around.

Due to covid, they launched DIY pizza kits at home. They have a variety of pizzas to try! and they are for a very reasonable price of $12.

We opted to get the calabrese pizza which comes with spicy salami and olives. The dough was very soft and pliable and easy to shape into a pizza. Leduc watched a few videos on how best to roll out dough and we were able to get a pretty nice looking pizza!

We also have a pizza pan that we preheated and slid it on. The crust had really nice colour and bubbled up nicely! Overall it was a very good pizza and fun to do at home. Definitely an activity that everyone could enjoy. They have a few pizza deals where you can get a couple of pizzas and a soda water!

Overall, this was a fun experience and the pizza was pretty good. We like thin crust, so we rolled out the dough relatively thin, but you can shape it to your liking! Lots of different pizzas to try!


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