Country Coco


9261 34 Ave NW #2 Edmonton, AB

Country Coco is one of the newer Korean Chicken Joints in Edmonton. It is located in a small strip mall that houses many other Korean restaurants/businesses, which also lends it self to loads of parking for patrons! Many Edmontonians have started referring to this area as “K-Town” due to the concentration of Korean establishments in this area.

Country Coco’s is different than other Korean Chicken joints in Edmonton, as it really tried to give off an authentic vibe. The decor inside is inspired from 1950s Korea, and they try to use only ingredients that was available from that era in their cuisine. They want to be able to introduce new generations to real traditional tastes, and provide a place for older generations to reminisce as well. Their chicken comes from a local farm every 2 days so it is always fresh!

Their menu focuses primarily on chicken, but what sets them apart from other joints is that they also put an emphasis on charbroiled chicken, along with their fried chicken. One of the things we got was the Coco Fondue, which comes with 10 pcs of BBQ chicken, on a bed of cheese (you can choose how spicy you want the chicken as well). This dish is very Instagram worthy because you can really make a crazy cheese pull! Delicious and their spice scale is really high! I would caution getting the spicy.

For their fried chicken, we got the original and their Yang Yum. The original is battered with their special blend of 6 different spices, I couldn’t tell what all of the spices were, but this was very good. It’s not often that I prefer the original chicken over the traditional Yang Yum (sweet/spicy sauce), but this was delicious to eat on its own, and to have a few pieces dipped in their sauces.

For their other dishes, we got the corn cheese, grilled chicken feet, dukbokki. The corn cheese was delicious, came out pipping out, and very good for another cheese pull boomerang. We got the grilled chicken feet with spicy sauce and it was very spicy. The texture of the chicken feet was a bit chewey for me. I was expected it to be more tender like the chicken feet at Dim Sum. Overall, not bad, but the texture was not for me. The Dukbokki was also very good, had a good chew, and not too spicy.


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Country Coco. I think their original chicken is one of my favourite in the city. The blend of spices is delicious. I wish they lived a bit closer to me because it’s now one of my go-to places for Korean fried chicken! Another thing to note is that they have an excellent lunch combo! 5 pieces of chicken, fries, and coleslaw for $14! It’s a very good deal and you get a generous portion of food.


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