Guru Kitchen and Bar

10111 104 Ave NW #108, Edmonton, AB T5J 4X1

This location of Guru is located right in Ice District. They have free underground parking on non-event nights (just register inside). The menu that they have here is different than the location on the west end, in that they want to focus more on the downtown lifestyle and serve more casual and tapas type of dishes. I was invited to come try out the restaurant since it just opened up, and the evening was organized by CuteYEGEats.


The interior is well lit and has a very modern feel. They have several unique cocktails to try, most of which were quite good. My favourite cocktail was the Gulabo. This was grapefruit and rose vodka, rose lemonade and berry dust. Though lychee isn’t one of the ingredients, it really tasted like lychee! Really floral and delicious.

For food, we got to try a little bit from several dishes. We had the Indian Street food, which was made table side, the beef chilli, Tawa fish, chicken tikka, vegetable masala, Guru Lamb Chop, Fish Moilee, Grilled duck, butter chicken, samosas, and butter chicken naan.

My favourite dishes was the Guru Lamb chop, the Indian Street Food, the Beef Chilli, and the tawa fish. The lamb was very tender and did not have too gamey of a taste. Very pleasant to eat. I thought that the street food had a lot of different textures and flavours that was really good. Each bite was unique and exciting. The beef chilli to me was a bit reminiscent of ginger beef. It had a light and crispy texture and packed a decent amount of heat. The tawa fish is pan seared basa, sundried basil, and a plum chutney. Very tender, simple ingredients, fresh, and delicious.

Other honorable mentions would be the butter chicken naan, and the fish moilee. The butter chicken naan comes with three different condiments that complimented the naan nicely. The fish moilee is halibut, herbs, coconut sauce, and mustard seeds. The fish was cooked perfect and it was very tender. Very enjoyable to eat with rice.

For dessert, we had the tiramisu, the Guru Creme brulee, and the baked carrot pudding. I’ve never really been a sweets person so I didn’t try too much of them.

Overall, I had a good experience at Guru. I really enjoyed the different kinds of cocktails they had and the ambiance was really what was nice about the evening. I would say that the prices at this locations are a little bit on the higher end, so I would recommend the butter chicken naan and the tawa fish.

Disclosure: The food from this post was gifted to us, however our opinion remains unbiased and based on our own experience.


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