Shanghai Grill


16336 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 4G3

Shanghai Grill! I went here recently, twice within a week. Once with Jenn and her mom, just to try it out, and then again when more relatives were visiting. Shanghai Grill is a Chinese restaurant located on the west end. It’s very popular amongst some crowd for their Xiao Long Bao. To date, my favourite place for Xiao Long Bao was Shanghai 456, so I was excited to try it somewhere else in Edmonton. I’ve had it at a few places in Vancouver and Richmond, so whenever I was craving it, I’d go to Shanghai 456, simply because it’s closer to me than Shanghai Grill.


They have a large parking lot, with lots of space. Their dining room is quite large too. I went on a couple of week nights and there was a lot of seating available. Not really knowing what to order, we opted to do the multi-course dinner for 4 on our first occasion.

To start, of course we had to have some of their Xiao Long Bao. The server/owner was very nice and explained to us about their Xiao Long Bao, how it’s made, how their skin is very thin compared to others in Edmonton, etc. They have two different kinds, the regular pork Xiao Long Bao, and a crab Xiao Long bao. We opted to get one of each. She warned us that the crab Xiao Long Bao required an acquired taste, as it is a bit fishy, and not everyone likes the flavour. Both came out plump, hot, and delicious. I really enjoyed both of the Xiao Long Bao! Better than at Shanghai 456.


To me, the other dishes in the multi course meals were not as striking. They were more traditional dishes, all mild in flavour. Green beans, a stir fry, and two soups. It tasted good, and homecooked, but I think we would have faired better if we ordered our own dishes. Overall, Jenn’s mom found the other dishes the same. Simple, and medium, but was overall impressed with the Xiao Long Bao and decided it warranted another visit with the rest of the family.


On our second visit, again, we ordered a few orders of both Xiao Long Baos. They came out pipping hot and just as delicious as the first time.

This time around, we decided to order our own dishes. First off, the Beef Pan-fried Dumplings (Wor Tip). These are juicy and savoury dumplings stuffed with beef and vegetables. The dumpling skin is quite thin, almost like a gyoza consistency. I definitely enjoyed the Wor Tip at Shanghai 456 more.

Jenn’s mom ordered more of dishes that they generally enjoy at Chinese restaurants, such as the Salt & Pepper Fried fish, Jelly Fish, Bean Curd roll with vegetarian Goose, Crispy Shrimp with peaches, a stir fried noodle, and a fried rice.
The Salt & Pepper Fried Fish and the Crispy Shrimp were my favourite two dishes of the lot. Light, crispy and delicious. I still think I prefery the peaches shrimp at other Chinese restaurants around the city but this still really hit the spot.
The Jelly Fish and Bean Curd Roll were also pretty good. Very traditional in flavour and had a nice texture. The rice and the noodles were also good choices. We got the Shanghai Fried rice and the Shanghai Fried noodles.
Overall, I enjoyed my two experiences at Shanghai Grill. I do think that I enjoy their XLB better than the XLB at Shanghai 456, but I definitely enjoy the other dishes at Shanghai 456 more. I think simply because of that, I would prefer to go back to Shanghai 456. Their XLB are still very good, and I can’t imagine going and eating a meal solely of XLB, and this tips the scale towards them in my opinion. There has also been a couple of new places that popped up in Edmonton that serves XLB so I’ll have to give them a try! (BaoBao on Jasper Ave).

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