Have Mercy Food + Booze


8232 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton

Sorry for the long hiatus! Life has been hectic for me lately with work and travel. I’m finally settling back down and finding some free time to write.

Being right on Whyte, parking is limited to the street parking and side streets. I often find spots just 1 block north of Whyte ave.

A few months ago, Have Mercy revamped their menu and came up with a new ‘recession-proof’ menu with all items being $7.95.  With prices increasing in all industries, with food being no exception, people are often opting to dining in or are looking for cheaper options. I was invited to Have Mercy to come check out their new menu, where all items are under $8!

Their menu is quite extensive a there are a lot of options! Definitely something for everyone. I opted to get their All Squids Must Fry, Grilled Artichoke salad (add steak), Shrimp tacos, and their firecracker shrimp po’ boy.

Since the items were $7.95, I was expecting the portions to be relatively small, but they were quite sizeable for the price. The calamari was well-cooked and seasoned! I would definitely recommend this. The salad was also quite good, and with added steak, still was only $10.50. Nice and light and the steak came out as we ordered.

My favourite two items were the shrimp tacos and the po’ boy. It’s crazy that you can get a sandwich and a side of fries for $7.95! I thought the bread could have been a bit more toasted but it was pretty good for the price. The tacos were my favourite food item, the shrimp was cooked perfectly and tender.


Overall, I was really impressed with the new menu at Have Mercy. Great options and all for a modest price. Definitely will come back to check out their other items. And now with summer (hopefully) coming soon, I’ll be coming to Whyte Avenue more often.

I also ordered a couple of cocktails with my meal and tried the Pineapple Kimito and Pimm’s cup. The pineapple kimito was white rum, lime, pineapple, mint, and soda. Light and refreshing. Really enjoyed this. The Pimm’s cup was gin, pineapple, cucumber, strawberry, and ginger ale. Also pretty good! A bit strong but overall enjoyable.

Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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