Zen Q

 10807 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 5G9


Zen Q, being a right on Jasper, is a few blocks away from me. Parking is scarce, but there is street parking, LRT, and parking on the side streets. Zen Q is an international chain, originating in Taiwan, with locations all over the world. They have signature grass jelly desserts, shaved ice, bubble tea, tofu desserts, and a wide assortment of other desserts.

Milk Tea Frappe

I’ve been here a couple times and got bubble tea, and the tofu dessert, but my favourite item each time is the milk tea frappe. Think shaved ice, but milk tea flavour. It comes with tapioca pearls and jelly, it’s the best of bubble tea, and shaved ice, all in one. Definitely recommend this dessert.

Taro Creamy Frappe

The other dessert I enjoyed was the taro creamy frappe. Similar to the milk tea frappe, but the shaved ice is taro flavoured. I thought it was a too mild for me. I also didn’t enjoy the toppings as much as the milk tea frappe.

Overall, I really enjoyed Zen Q. The frappes are a little bit different from the shaved ice offered around the city, and same with the other desserts. Definitely give it a try!



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