Rapscallions is a food truck in Edmonton. They move around quite often, so if you want to know where they are, check on their social media or on the Edmonton Food Truck app. Rapscallions specalize in green onion cake tacos. These are their green onion cakes, layered with proteins and veggies and served up in a convenient vessel. They have Thai chicken, roasted pork belly, korean shredded beef, and teriyaki tofu. On top of these, they sell green onion cakes, spring rolls, mango pudding, and scallion rice rolls.


I ran into the truck at an event outside Kingsway mall and opted to try the roasted pork belly. This comes with Chinese-style roasted pork belly, which is tender and crispy, served with a sweet chilli sauce, lettuce, and pickled carrots and daikon. Overall really good! I thought it could have used a few more pieces of pork given the price, but definitely a tasty bite.

There are several food trucks to try now in Edmonton, and this is definitely one of my favourite ones. Definitely give them a try if you manage to catch them!


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