10349 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7

This weekend I went to Uccellino for the first time. I’ve been meaning to go for a while but haven’t had the chance. It’s a sister restaurant to Bar Bricco and Corso 32 which I’ve had the chance to go to both. I’ve had excellent meals at both Bar Bricco and Corso 32 and was really looking forward to trying Uccelino. Everything is meant to be shared so we ordered a fair amount of antipasti, and shared pasta and main.


Our meal stared off with some olives. They had a nice citrus taste to it and it was just a nice added bonus. We nibbled on these to start with our wine and while waiting in between our dishes. I know that some people aren’t olive fans but these were really nice!

For our Antipasti, we got two of their crostini, the crostini ala Toscana, and the Pumpkin Agrodolce. The first is a chicken liver crostini, with vin santo, and balsamico. Whenever I see liver on the menu, I often order it. Great flavour, and it had a nice sweetness to it. I know liver isn’t for everyone but this was delicious! Our other crostini was comes with pumpkin, ricotta, and pistachios. Again, a very balanced and delicious. These are a bit difficult to eat with a fork and knife since the crust is difficult to cut, so just dig in with your hands!

Another Antipasti that we got was the Culatello. This is the heart of the prosciutto and often called the king of italian salami, or the king of prosciutto. Amazing flavour, served with vincotto and grana. This was also a great starting dish. A fairly big portion for $18, another recommended order.

Beef Carpaccio

Our last Antipasti was the Beef carpaccio. This comes with radish, celery, frantoi oiliver oil, lemon, and grana. This was a really light dish and very refreshing. It wasn’t too heavy and all the flavours worked together. Also a fair portion for $23. Though it was good, It was my least favourite of our Antipasti. I think I would have rather try 2 of their other Antipasti dishes that range in the ~$12 range to get a bit more variety.


For our Primi and pasta, we got the Paccheri. This comes with pork and fennel sausage sugo, basil, and grana. The pasta was nice and al dente. The sauce was well seasoned and the sausage was very tender and soft. They are known for the pastas and I would like to come back and try a few more varieties! I kind of wish I went with their tasting menu, which comes with select antipasti, two pastas, and a main for $80. Not a bad price for a tasting menu and comes with a variety of dishes!

Chargrilled Lamb and Pancetta Sausage

For our secondi and main, we went with the chargrilled Lamb & Pancetta Sausage Spicy Abruzzo Lentils, Nocellara Olives, Cipollini Onion, Mint & Olio Santo. I really liked the smoky flavour of the sausage. Cooked perfectly tender and delicious. A good portion and comes with two pieces of sausage which is easily shareable! The abruzzo lentiles were nice and soft and accompanied the sausage nicely.

Overall, I had an excellent meal at Uccelino. Everything was delicious and came out at a good pace. If you’re looking for a nice evening out and looking to splurge a bit, this restaurant, or any of its sister restaurants are a great option.

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