Let Eat Snow


#18A, 9261 34 Ave NW, Edmonton

The Shaved Ice craze has taken Edmonton by storm in the last couple years, going from zero places that offer shaved ice, to over 5. Located in Edmonton’s K-mall, is Let Eat Snow. By far is my favourite place for shaved ice! Being in the K-mall, there’s an ample amount of parking!

Taro Bingsoo

They often have a seasonal flavour and many different kinds of desserts. On one of the times I went, I got the Taro shaved ice. Not too sweet, and delicious! It had a nice strong Taro flavour and overall was really good. Their other shaved ice flavours are really good, and I appreciate finding nice little treats at the bottom of the shaved ice! There’s often bits of cookies, or something crunchy that gives that nice and welcomed added texture!

Oreo Bingsoo

Their chocolate Bingsoo had some chocolate shavings at the bottom! They were nice and thin, and because of the shaved ice, maintained a nice and crunchy texture that quickly melt in your mouth. Overall really good!

Mango Bingsoo

Mango bingsoo is another flavour that I often get. Mango is one of my favourite fruit, and in dessert-form, even better. Overall, really good! The mango was fresh and really pleasant to eat.

I had a really good time at Let Eat Snow. I ate here right after going to Gin Seng, and even though I was quite full from the AYCE, the bingsoo here is light enough for me to indulge. I really liked the taro flavour and I hope it stays on rotation more often, but all their other desserts are a good option. I’ll have to come back here and try their Taiyaki!

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