King Of Donair

Today I went to King of Donair for their grand opening. They are a Franchise that started out in Halifax and are allegedly the first to invent the Donair. Donairs are the official food of Halifax! The history of the donair coming to Canada is interesting. Their website describes that in the early 1970s, restaurateur Peter Gamoulakos wanted to share the flavours of his homeland-Greece with the residents of Halifax by introducing the Gyro. He changed a few flavour around and swapped lam for beef, and tzatziki with sweet sauce and thus the donair was born. Peter perfected the Donair recipe in 1973 when he opened King of Donair on Quinpool Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. King of Donair (KOD) would become the first Donair shop in all of Canada! You can read more about the history on their website here.

It’s located right on Whyte and 103 street, so for parking, street parking along Whyte, and parking on the side streets.

Regular Donair

I saw IG stories throughout the day and it seemed like that had some steady business all day. Sharon from Eat With Sharon had a medium experience here but mine was pretty good! I heard waits were around 30 minutes or so. I had to wait around 20 minutes for my donair. I opted to get the regular donair with cheese, and fries. Their smallest donair is the regular, and at only 7.49, it’s a steal!

I have a lot of regret for not ordering their pizza because that seemed to be what was most popular, and their garlic pizza fingers as well. You can also get single slices of pizza there for 3.99!

The donair was loaded with meat, and had lots of tomatoes and onions. The pita was toasted and crisp. Really good! Probably one of the better donairs that I’ve had. Sharon from Eat With Sharon had a medium experience here, which is too bad because mine was not so bad. It was only their first day opening and she went right when they opened at noon, so by 5 PM, it seemed like they had a better system going. They probably still have more kinks to work out!

Spicy Fries

The fries were also not bad. And for people who can’t have donairs, the meat and fries/donair poutine is not bad!

Overall, I’d say this was a pretty good first experience and I’d definitely come back to try their other food. Recently I’ve read some poor reviews of this place, which is too bad because my experience was not so bad. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get it because we have so many good donair options in Edmonton, but if I was in the area, I’d eat here again.

King of Donair Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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