Chocorrant Pâtisserie + Cafe

10328 124 Street, Edmonton

Last week I went back to Chocorrant for the second time. I went once when they first opened, and have not been back. It’s located right on 124th street and 103 avenue. When I first opened, they only had pastries and coffee, and since have expanded to offer lunch as well. On this occasion, I just went for some coffee and pastries, but their lunch seems kind of intriguing so I’ll have to go back and give it a try. There’s not much for parking; There are a few parking meters in front, and some free hourly parking on the adjacent streets if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot.


On my first occasion, I had a couple of their croissants, and the sampler. The sampler contains small samples of their cakes and tarts, and comes at a fairly reasonable price. What I really like though, is their large variety of croissants. Thus far, I’ve had the strawberry, and that Matcha.

Lemon Meringue Croissant

That week, I opted to get the lemon meringue croissant. It was very flakey and the meringue added a much appreciated sweetness to the tartness of the lemon. Overall a very enjoyable pastry.

Earl Grey Pastry

We also decided to get the Earl Grey cake. They also have many different flavours of cakes. I could have gone with a stronger Earl Grey Flavour, but overall, it has some really enjoyable textures.


For coffee, they serve coffee using grains from Ace Coffee roasters. We got a Flat white and an Americano. Both quite good. I went on a week day and it was pretty busy around the early afternoon. I would have to say that their small size is quite large and a generous portion of coffee.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Chocorrant. It is small and quiet and a good place to just hang out. There are so many different things to try, and they change it up every so often, so give them a try!

Edit: More food!

Recently had the day off and went back to chocorrant for an easy lunch. I’ve never had anything but their sweet patries so opted to try their peking-style chicken croissant sandwich and their truffle cheese pastry. Both were really good and the sandwich is a very reasonable price! Would definitely come back and get this again.

And of course, impossible for me to come here and not get a couple of croissants. I swear they’ve gotten a bit bigger. I got the apple brie croissant and the cinnamon swirl. I went home and tried my hand at some dark photography too with some black cardboard that I bought.

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