3 Sir Winston Churchill Square NW Unit A, Edmonton, AB

Last weekend I went to Zinc for Brunch. I’ve never been before, but decided to give it a try. It’s located right downtown by Churchill Square, in the Art Gallery of Alberta. The interior is very well lit in the middle of the day, with their large windows. There was a lot of natural light coming in, and it’s a very nice space.

Parking is easy on Sunday, what with meter parking everywhere for free downtown. There is a bit of construction going on right now, and likely there will be a bit more what with the LRT station being expanded to accommodate more lines.


For Brunch, they have the option of doing a three-course meal, with your choice of pastries, artisan cheeses, or seasonal fruits to start, many different brunch entrées to choose from, and banana fresh toast for dessert. You can also choose to just get the brunch item.

Zinc gets a bad reputation for having exuberant prices and categorized as fine dining but it is quite affordable. They’ve also tried to do something this last summer to combat that notion with a tapas Tuesday. I believe it is still going on, and they have some really great dishes at a very fair price.

We decided to go with the three-course brunch, with the artisan cheese, pastries, the Gallery breakfast, and the crab frittata.

For our appetizers, I would definitely recommend going with the artisan cheeses. You get a good mix of cheeses, and served with some nice and crisp crostinis. The House Made pastries were a bit disappointing. A little bit too sweet for my liking, and dry.

Gallery Breakfast

For our entrées, the Gallery breakfast is pretty standard. Two eggs, bacon, pan fried baby potatoes, and served with sourdough toast. The bacon was really crisp and had a lot of flavour. The sourdough was generously buttered and went well with everything. It is actually quite a large portion for what you pay!

Crab Frittata

The crab frittata was definitely my favourite of the two dishes. The frittata was really good, with a lot of crab meat. A lot of flavour, and went well with everything. Again, this was also a very generous portion! We had a hard time finishing all of our potatoes.

Banana French Toast

Lastly was the banana french toast. This comes with a spiced caramel sauce, white chocolate, seasonal fruit, and served with a house made hot chocolate on the side. Great way to end the meal. It was really enjoyable to eat the fresh toast and sip on the hot chocolate.

Overall, I really enjoyed my brunch experience at Zinc. Everything was good and reasonably priced. If i were to come back, I’d probably skip the three-courses and order just a brunch item because it’s a large amount of food. I’d like to come back to get one of their eggs benedict a try! Give Zinc a try yourself for brunch!


I also came to try the Tuesday Tapas dishes when it launched last year. Here are a few photos from that night. All of the dishes were great, and so reasonably priced! My favourites were the DLT, mac and cheese, and the pulled pork sandwich! I definitely recommend coming checking out Zinc on a Tuesday!

Tuesday Tapas Menu

I think that most of the items are still on here, but I’ve read that they took off the $4 pulled pork sandwich! That’s too bad because it was really good and such a great price!

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Mac and Cheese
Potato skins
Grilled Romaine
Sweet Spicy Prawns
Raw & Roasted

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