Block 1912



 10361 82 Ave NW, Edmonton

Last week, I went to Block 1912 for the first time. It was one of the last nice days of fall, and me and Jenn actually walked all the way from the Legislature to Block 1912. It’s a cool little spot right on Whyte Ave, where you can get some nice desserts, coffee, gelato, or sandwiches. We just ate some dinner at home so wanted to get a little bit of dessert.

As with most of Whyte, parking is limited to the scarce meter parking, or to the side streets. Since we walked, this wasn’t an issue.


The interior is pretty cool, with hanging lights. They have a neat book corner with some chairs. I get a very hipster vibe from the entire place. They have a large selection of Gelato and a various amounts of cakes/desserts which they rotate around based on what is made.

For this occasion, we opted to get the carrot cake, and the ginger peach gelato. We had a hard time choosing, but ultimately chose these two. Also, for those who are lactose-intolerant, they have a generous assortment of dairy-free gelato as well!

Carrot Cake

The two desserts were quite tasty. The cream cheese icing on the carrot cake was really good, and it was probably one of the better carrot cakes that I’ve had. The gelato we had wasn’t as creamy as I expected it to be, and was almost like a sorbet. There was also a ginger peach gelato that was dairy free, so I am wondering if they had mistakenly given me a scoop of that instead.

Ginger Peach Gelato

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Block 1912. It kind of reminds me of Vi’s For Pies on Stony Plain Road. I’d say they are pretty close to each other in quality and price. I want to go back to get some of their other desserts and gelato a try! Definitely go yourself if you’re in the area! Desserts are always welcomed!

Edit: more desserts!

Got their tiramisu and their sour cherry torte! Both so delicious. The tiramisu had a nice subtle coffee flavour. Not too sweet. The soury cherry torte was sweet, tart, and delicious. Both went extremely well with our drinks. Love going to block 1912 for a sweet bite after dinner.

Just got their matcha latte and a regular latte. Both delicious! They also have some alcoholic warm beverages too if you want a nice night cap. I’ve had their blueberry drink and it is strong and delicous!


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