Naina’s Kitchen (YYC)


121 17 Ave SE, Calgary

Another stop on our brief food tour this weekend was Naina’s Kitchen. This place is known for their stuffed-burgers. We went after having gone to two different places for food, so me and Jenn opted to just share a burger. We went with the perogie burger, and Jamie and Alyssa went with the Jalapeno popper stuffed burger.


Both burgers looked pretty identical from the outside, obscenely huge, and stuffed. The interior is what made all the difference.

Perogie Burger

Our perogie burger was a bit on the disappointing side. The burger itself was bland. It could have used a bit more salt to give it some flavour. On top of that, the sour cream on the inside added to its blandness. Overall, disappointing.

Perogie Burger

I had some of the Jalapeno popper stuffed burger, and the cream cheese and jalapeno added the much needed flavour. It came with cream cheese, fresh jalapenos, and fried jalapenos. Though better, I still found the overall burger a bit bland. It lacked a bit of a wow factor for me.

I’d say that the whole experience was a bit disappointing. I’ll have to come back to build my own, but I feel like the burger itself could use some work. I really like the atmosphere of the place, and the look of the diner. With the tons of other options on 17th, I think I’d have to be in the mood for a burger to eat here again.

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  1. […] My burger was a bit disappointing. It wasn’t sufficiently seasoned, and the sour cream made for a even more bland burger. Overall, not terrible, but I think if I were to build my own, I could create a better burger. Jamie’s burger was similar. The meat was a bit on the bland side, but his was better because the jalapeno and cream cheese added a bit more flavour to the overall burger. I’d still go back and customize my burger, but me experience was just so so. Read my full thoughts on Naina’s here. […]


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