Noodle Feast


3440 99 Street NW, Edmonton

Update : September 5, 2017

Last week I went to noodle feast again with Jamie and Jenn. Immediately after opening on a Saturday, they already had a queue for about 30 minutes until the second seating. This occasion I opted for their hand-picked noodles, their house-made dumplings, and pork burger.



Once again, the hand-pulled noodles were amazing. Perfectly cooked, nice and tender. The portions were really generous for how much you pay, and super filling.

Hand-pulled noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork, and hot chili oil (#213)


Pork Burger

On this occasion, we also opted to get the pork burger. Delicious! I kept seeing everyone before us getting 2+ orders of this so I thought we should as well. Great flavour, and good to dip in some chili oil.


We also opted to get the dumplings on this occasion. Steamed to order, these were amazing. Also another recommended must-order!

Again, my visit here was another one to be remembered. The staff were really friendly, and one of our waitresses was a cute-old-asian lady, who I assume must be one of the owners. She was really friendly and welcoming.

Original Post


Last week I had the chance to try my first Northern Chinese restaurant, Noodle Feast, and I definitely was not disappointed. There’s not very many places where you can get really authentic Northern Chinese noodles. This place primarily focuses around three of their house-made noodles: Sliced noodles, rolled noodles, and hand-pulled noodles. Each of these three come with similar variation of sauces and meats. They also have a few other things like house-made pork-burger, dumplings, and rice.


It’s located south Edmonton, in a small little strip mall. There’s tons of parking in this parking lot, so that is always a plus. When I went here last week, the place was packed. I was told that when this place first opened, the wait times were around 1-2 hours! It was completely full of Chinese people all speaking Mandarin, which is always a good sign. I wanted to try their hand-pulled noodle, and we also decided to try the rolled noodles.

Rolling Noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork, and hot chili oil (#213)

One of the noodle dishes that we went with was the #213, Rolling noodles with egg & tomato sauce, minced pork sauce, and hot chili oil. One thing that I will say is that the portion sizes here are huuuge! You get so much food for only 12 dollars. This dish was excellent! The noodles had a good texture and well seasoned. The pork was tender and overall well prepared. One thing that I will say though is that it was a bit heavy. The hot chili oil made it a little bit too greasy and oily for my taste, and I felt that the meat/noodle ratio wasn’t great, but overall the flavours were really good.

Hand-pulled noodles with pork ribs and por bone soup (#305)

The other dish that we got was #305, Hand-pulled noodles with pork ribs and pork bone soup. This was probably my favourite out of the two. Hand-pulled noodles win hands down over rolled noodles. The noodles were really good. They had a really great texture and consistency. The pork ribs were really tender and easy to eat. The broth for this dish was a little bit on the bland side, but that’s nothing that a little bit of chili oil can’t fix. I really enjoyed this dish, and I recommend trying any of the hand-pulled noodles!

Steamed Cold Noodles (#523)

Another dish we got was #523, steamed cold noodles. This came with long noodles, beansprouts,  eggs, and cucumber. This was a really nice dish, and really light. I enjoyed this dish maybe more than my other entree. The cucumber gives it a really nice a light touch. I need to come back here and try their pork burger and their dumplings!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Noodle feast! You can definitely tell that a lot of effort goes into making all of the noodles. It’s really authentic and great quality of food for a really good price. I definitely recommend giving this place a try if you’re looking for some authentic Northern Chinese food, or if you’re just a really huge fan of noodles of all kinds. Again, definitely give the hand-pulled noodles a try!


Noodle Feast: The Taste of Northern China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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