Hart’s Table & Bar


14229 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Last week, Hart’s Table & Bar invited me to come try their restaurant. They are located south of Edmonton in Terwillegar area. They are managed by Century Hospitality Group, along with Lux, MKT, Parlour, and Delux Burger bar.


There’s an ample amount of parking in the area, being in a little strip area. The space is really spacious, and nice. They have a really nice bar area, and some booths/tables around. The high ceilings and open windows really give the place a nice atmosphere. The place was really lively when I came, and there was a ton of people around. Hart’s table is a bar, but serving higher end food, and as such, their prices are on the higher end as well. We started off with the Baked Brie, had the Beef Short Ribs, and we were recommended one of their featured dishes, which was the Grilled Swordfish.

Apple Mojito

To start off, I got one of their featured drinks, an apple mojito. This is barcardi apple, lemon and lime juice, splash of soda and some mint. This was really light and refreshing. A great way to start off the evening.

Baked Brie

The Baked Brie is a french brie, wrapped in a puff pastry and served with fig jam, bouron cherry, sliced apple, and nut brittle. This was a pretty sizeable appetizer. The brie was nice and melted. The puff pastry went nicely with the cheese, and I really liked the fig jam. Brie is a pretty good blank canvas to take on different kinds of flavours. Everything worked really well with this dish.

Beef Short Ribs

Our first entree was the beef short ribs. This is slow braised boneless short ribs with a chipotle glaze, served with crispy smashed potatoes, peas, and onion pearls. The meat was cooked really well and very tender. It was a bit on the bland side, but went well together with the peas and the pearls.

Grilled Swordfish

The grilled swordfish was our other entree, and a feature that they circulate into the menu every now and then. It comes with marinated tomatoes, chimchurri sauce, broccolini, and dirty rice. Swordfish is lean fish, and relatively firm, and as such, can be prone to drying when cooking. Ours was a little bit on the dry side, but it went really nicely with the dirty rice. Also not bad!

Brownie Banana Split

For dessert, we got the brownie banana split to share. This comes with a gluten free Nutella brownie, a bruleed banana, whipped cream, and Pinocchio’s vanilla bean ice cream, and cherries. At this point the lighting was getting worse and the restaurant was getting dark, so excuse my poor photo! This was overall really good. One recommendation I’d make is to serve it with the brownie a little bit on the warmer side. You’d have to eat it faster because the ice cream would melt, but it was really firm, and difficult to eat. Overall, a really tasty dessert though! and props for it being gluten free.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Hart’s Table & Bar. Everything was good on average, but I was really looking for something to take them to the next level. The venue is great, and everything is decent, but given their prices, I was just expecting little bit more, but given the neighbourhood, I think they get away with it. I think they could do a few tweaks to their menu, but overall, I think they are doing a good job. The venue was really lively and had a good vibe, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, give it a try!

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