Gama Cafe


10813 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Gama Café is a Taiwanese dessert house that’s located right on Whyte. They used to have another location a few blocks east, and then moved to 108 street. It’s a little bit tough to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. The interior is brightly lit with nice and comfy booths. They are open a little bit on the later side and is a nice little spot to take someone after dinner, or if you’re just looking for some late night sweets.


The focus at this restaurants is mostly desserts and drinks. They do have a few main dishes like risotto. We came a little bit later in the evening, right after dinner so we opted for a couple of drinks and desserts to share.
Strawberry Hill Thick Toast
We started with their Strawberry Hill Thick Toast. It’s similar to their Tommi toast, but on a smaller scale. It was a thick piece of toast, topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and powdered sugar. It’s relatively good, and moderately priced. I’d consider going back and trying some other flavours and variations of this. It’s a decent portion and easy to share, definitely decent for $6.29.
Classic French Brick Tommi Toast
The other dessert we got was their Classic French Brick Tommi toast. This was a whopping $14.79. It was basically just cubes of toast, topped with whipped cream, dusted with chocolate and chocolate chips. It wasn’t too different from the thick toast. Though it was relatively good, it wasn’t amazing or anything, and not worth twice the cost of thick toast.
Red Bean Pancake
On a separate occasion, we got their red bean pancake. This was relatively okay. Again, as with most of their food, it didn’t really wow me, and I’m not sure if it was worth the cost. The outside was nice and crispy, and overall it was okay, but for the portion, I wasn’t quite sold.

For drinks, we went with their signature cap tea drinks. The drinks here are decently priced, and right around the price that you would pay for a bubble tea.

Green cap tea


The green cap was really refreshing. The foam is a little bit salted, and mixed together, it’s a really nice a balanced drink. It wasn’t too sweet, and definitely nice to sip on. The was also relatively good. It’s nice and cool and refreshing.

Mountain Cap Tea

Overall, my experience of Gama Café was relatively good. I really like the quiet atmosphere and the lit and simple interior. That being said, the menu can be a little bit of a hit and miss. The food isn’t mindblowingly good, but some of it is moderately priced for what you get, and others are just exceptionally expensive for what you get, definitely hit and miss. I think the thick toast is relatively good. It’s almost the same as the tommi toast, but less than half the price. Check this place out! And at the very least, try one of their capped teas!

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