Hap’s Hungry House


 16060 Stony Plain Road NW, Edmonton

Hap’s Hungry House is a small independently owned breakfast/lunch joint. I stumbled across here last week early in the morning when I was on my way to West Edmonton Mall with my cousin, Thomas. We wanted to buy a bunch of winter attire for snowboarding because of the end of season sales. We didn’t realize the mall opened at 10, not 9, so we had about an hour to kill when we saw this place.


The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how ridiculously full it was for a 9 am on a Saturday morning. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be this busy. I quickly read about the place online just so I knew what to expect. It’s e a small-town diner, that’s family-owned. You’re not going to get spectacular gourmet breakfasts, but just your typical run-of-the mill breakfasts, kind of like at The Commodore. If you want a fancier breakfasts, I recommend you try out brunch at the Wildflower Grill (Delicious there!). Anyways, we were seated promptly and immediately asked if we wanted coffee. The service was really actually surprisingly good, given how busy it was.

Their menu is pretty self-explanatory for a breakfast joint. You have your eggs Benedict, waffles, french toast, and pancakes. They also have ‘Hunger Busters’ which are just large breakfasts that combine a few things.  They have some burgers and salads for lunch too, but we were there for breakfast. I posted a link to their website below, where you can have a read of their menu. Anyways, we decided to have the eggs Benedict with back bacon and the Hunter Buster, which comes with 3 eggs, ham, pork links, bacon, toast, hot cakes, and their home fries. Our food came out relatively quickly and we were ready to dig in!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is one of my breakfast/Brunch go-to things to order. I asked for my eggs to be medium, because I don’t like it too runny. Their home fries are always served with green onions, unless otherwise asked. These were actually quite nice. They were seasoned nicely and the green onions are a nice touch. In terms of sides, I would have to say these are one of the better potatoes that I have had. My Eggs Benedict was pretty good. They gave you generous pieces of back bacon, and overall it was a solid breakfast. The Hollandaise sauce, was a little bit on the heavier side of things. It tasted really rich, and very buttery, maybe a bit too much. Also, did you notice the ridiculous amount of cream they gave us for our coffee? Haha. Who needs that much cream?

Hunger Buster

The Hunger Buster is kind of suits its name. You get a heaping amount of food. If the three different kinds of meats doesn’t fill you up, then the hot cakes, potatoes, and 3 eggs will do the trick. The sausages were a little bit on the bland side. Nothing too spectacular. My family is kind of in the sausage making business, and I love breakfast sausages so I was a bit disappointed but what can you expect from the low cost!.

Overall, if you kind of know what to expect, then it’s a great place. It’s very similar to Commodore, in the sense that you get really food for really cheap price. The only difference is that it’s on the higher end of that cheapness v.s. quality scale when compared to Commodore. It’s more expensive than Commodore, but you’re getting better quality too The thing that really wins me over though is the service. It’s very homey and welcoming there and that alone brings it up in my books. I’d definitely come back just to hang out with my friends over some coffee and a cheap breakfast because the atmosphere and feeling in there is great!


Hap's Hungry House on Urbanspoon

Quality of food: 3.2/5
Service: 4.6/5
Value: 4.3/5
Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Expectation: 4.0/5

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