Hathaway’s Diner

Hathaway’s Diner is a hidden gem in the Northwest of Edmonton. It’s a neighbourhood diner that could easily be overlooked, if it were not for the glowing reviews! They’ve been in operation for over a decade, but sold their restaurant to new owners in February of 2020. For parking, they are located in a small strip, but there is ample of parking on the street.

They serve your typical diner breakfast foods like omelets, skillets, and breakfast plates. For lunch, you’ll find sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads. On Saturdays, they make another specialty of theirs, eggs benedict. They have rotating different kinds of eggs benedict, and my favourite part is that you can pick and choose, mix and match. Another thing that they are known for is their pies, which they make daily in-house.

For our Saturday outing, we got the Sunrise skillet, which is bacon, mushrooms, green onions, and cheese, served with your choice of toast. I decided to get the Eggs benedict (one classic, and one rueben).

The Sunrise skillet came out piping out, melty cheese, and loaded! This was really great to eat with the hot sauces they carry in house. The company is called Droolin’ Devil and they make a variety of hot sauces. They are based out of Saskatoon, and Hathaway’s is the only retailer/place you can get them in Edmonton! We had them all, and they were all delicious.

The Eggs benedict had a very velvety hollandaise sauce and was very good! The corned beef was tender, had a good level of salinity, and was a great meat to be served with the eggs benedict. We thought that the English muffin could have used a bit more chew but that may be personal preference. Overall, it was a very good dish and we’d definitely come back again.

Of course, we had to have a slice of pie! They have different pies each day, but one that really intriguied us was the pineapple pistachio. We’ve never heard of this combination before and we really wanted to give it a try. Filled with pineapples and pieces and whole pistachios, this pie had a lot of texture and flavour. We really enjoyed. The filed was rich from the pistachios, but the pineapple really balanced it out. An excellent slice. The other two slices we tried was the lemon meringue, and the coconut cream pie. Both of these were great as well.

If you haven’t been to Hathaway’s Diner, definitely give them a try! The new owner, Mitch, took over the restaurant during the worse possible time (February of 2020). He has great perseverance, pivoted to selling more of their pies whole, and is even looking into collaborating with many cafes in Edmonton as well as Calgary to sell their pies. hey’ve also been featured in Narcity articles for being a “must” place to visit in Edmonton, and also recently named one of the top restaurants in all of Canada on Yelp! Definitely check them out and support them! T


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