Hawaiian Poke & More


7256 101 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 0J1

Sorry for such the long hiatus. We have both been very busy at work and took a step back from blogging. We both work in Healthcare and have been inundated with work! Planning to start writing about our older posts, some are pre-covid, and some are during covid.

Hawaiian Poke and More is the latest place in Edmonton to get poke. It’s located right off Wayne Gretzky on 101 Avenue and 72 street. There’s a few parking stalls right in front, and parking on the side street of the complex.

The interior is small, with about 15-20 seats. The interior is simple with some Hawaiian themed decor placed around. You can do take out or dine in, and if you’ve never been here before, you can try the poke before committing, and there’s several to try (not sure if they are doing this during covid)


You can zoom into the menu here, or check out their website. For me, I thought that the spicy mayo salmon and the spicy seaweed tuna were the best.

The spicy mayo salmon was firm and actually had a surprising amount of spice to it. I always find that when things are described as spicy, it actually is fairly mild (to me), so I was pleasantly surprised. The spicy seaweed tuna was the other favourite of mine. Poke at this place is similar to Hawaiian poke, in that there aren’t any toppings like at the build-your-own-bowl type places, so the added seaweed gave it some nice varietal texture.


They also have other dishes here, such as Hawaiian barbecue, loco moco, katsu, and crunchy spam musubi. I opted to give the crunchy spam musubi. It was light crispy and delicious. I thought that the spam slice could have been thicker but overall I thought this was pretty good.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Hawaiian Poke and More. It definitely to me is more traditional than the other poke in the city, but to me, it’s almost two completely different styles and difficult to compare. Definitely give it a try! I like all of the flavours of poke they have!


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