Splash Poke – Poke Bakes

 10079 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0J7

Splash Poke is one of my favourite places to eat poke! To be fair, we only live a block away from Splash (Downtown), so we’ve often headed there for an easy dinner. I remember lining up for their grand opening, and being the first place in Edmonton to do poke, I was definitely one of the first waiting in the enormous line that wrapped around the street! (I still have my free tote bag for first comers!).

Splash Poke recently launched a new product, their Poke Bakes! They come in a variety of flavours that you can choose from, and comes with seaweed, and toppngs.

I attached the menu here for you guys to see. For this occasion, we opted to give the umami seafood bake, which comes with salmon, tuna, scallop, shoyu, tobiko, sriracha aioli, unagi, on white rice.

Our oven didn’t get quite hot enough for it to be bubbly, but I didn’t want to cook the fish too much. These are kind of like choose your own adventure, in that you can broil them for however long you like! We prefer ours where the fish is still raw and the topping is just a little warm. I didn’t have my blowtorch handy, otherwise I would have finished it off a little bit more with my blowtorch.

Overall, very tasty! I still really like their build your own poke, but this is a nice way to enjoy their poke bakes at home! Definitely give them a try.


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