Iconoclast Coffee Roasters

12021 102 Ave #103, Edmonton, AB T5K 0R8

Just a very quick post on Iconoclast Coffee Roasters. They are located in the Oliver Exchange building along with Brio Bakery. I went there quickly to grab a quick bite. I often find myself in the area looking for a coffee and quick bite before starting my day on the weekend.

Breakfast Sandwich
‘Croissant’ Breakfast Sandwich

I only managed to grab one photo, but we got a couple of coffees and a breakfast sandwich on a croissant. Typically comes with bacon, a fried egg, spinach and lemon aioli. Overall, it was a tasty sandwich, albeit, I wish there were more than a single slice of bacon. It was slow to come out, and 20 minutes after my order, they told me that they ran out of croissants and if it was okay to go on bread, to which I said okay. They were quite swamped, and we had a busy morning, so I wish they could have told me this at the time of order. After that, it took another 20 minutes to receive our sandwich.

Overall, it was only a medium experience at Iconaclast Coffee. I have no doubt that on a less busy morning, that everything would be better. The sandwich that we ate was good, and would have been even better on a croissant. Though service was a bit spotty, I’d still recommend trying this place. Just try to get them on a less busy morning.


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