Gangnam Street Food


9261 34 Avenue NW #15, Edmonton, AB T6E 5T5

Yesterday I went to Gangnam Street food for a preview event to sample some of their food! They are located in the K-mall located on 34th avenue and is owned by the same group that owns Dookbaeki, Baekjeong Korean BBQ house and the new A-Mart Korean/Japanese specialty grocery store. Since it’s in a strip mall, there is ample amount of parking. They hope to open on January 17th 24th if all goes well.


Gangnam Street food specializes in quick and casual eats. The owners were saying how these type of eateries are often found outside of high schools and university where students would go to grab a quick bite to eat. They will have over 20 menu items, each ~$4-$10, and each item should come out within 3-4 minutes of ordering so it is fairly quick!

dsc_1472-01Enter a caption

The Dduck Bo Kki was big pieces of rice cakes with their fishcakes. It was nice and chewey and overall really pleasant to eat. The sauce is nice and has a mild kick to it but not too bad! Not bad and the sauce goes with a lot of the other dishes.

dsc_1506-01Dak Gang Jung

The Dak gang jung (Korean Fried Chicken) comes in multiple flavours, the traditional sweet and spicy, and honey mustard (and they may come out with other flavours). I think the breading on the chicken could have been a bit lighter but overall it was good. There are sauce stations on the side, so if you want, you can also order it without sauce and then sauce it yourself! (or pack the chicken/sauce up to go so it doesn’t get soggy).

dsc_1503-01-01Korean-Style Hotdog

By far my favourite thing of the night was the Korean-style hotdog. Hotdog covered in mozzerella cheese, and then wrapped in their house-made dough and fried. It was so good! The dough is nice and fluffy and not heavy/too rich. The cheese is nice and melted and it’s a really good size for 6-7 dollars.

dsc_1502-01Spam and Sausage cup

Next was the Spam and sausage cup. Comes with a fried egg on top, and similar to B bim Baab, you’re supposed to mix everything together and eat it. Overall, not bad. My favourite was the spam and hotdogs. Not my personal favourite over everything else that we tried so if I came back, I’d probably just get the Korean-Style Hot Dog over this dish.

dsc_1497-01Kkochi (Skewers)

The Kkochi (Skewers) we had were also another favourite of mine. Chicken and pork belly. The pork belly one carried a bit of heat that’s progressive. Really spicy but tasty. I would definitely come back to have some skewers.

dsc_1520-01Ho Dduck/Hotteok (Cinnamon pancake)

Lastly was our dessert, Ho Dduck. It’s like a pancake filled with cinnamon and sugar. Delicious! Came out extremely hot and the filling is delicious! Not too sweet and easy to eat.


Quick-paced and casual, all the food is served in to-go containers. You can pop in, order some quick food and get out in the span of 10 minutes if you’re in a hurry. I’d definitely come back to try out their other food (or to just get another Korean-Style Hot Dog because it was so good).

Overall, I was really impressed with the food here. It was a good quality and the prices were really reasonable! It was a media event so usually restaurants bring out their best effort. I hope other’s experiences once they are fully open stay the same.

At the front there are also an assortment of instant noodles and drinks that are available for purchase as well if you’re in a hurry or just need to grab something quickly!

Disclosure: The food from this post was gifted to us, however our opinion remains unbiased and based on our own experience.

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