The Captain’s Boil


South Edmonton Common, 2051 98 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1K2

I’ve been to The Captain’s Boil a couple of times now. It’s located in South Edmonton Common in a small strip and there is ample amount of parking. I went for lunch and dinner on different occasions. There aren’t too many places (that I know of) where you can get a seafood boil. Everything is cooked and tossed in sauce and delivered to your tables in bags!


One of the ‘unique’ things about this is that you’re not actually given any utensils. Only gloves and a bib so you can really go to town. I opted to get their namesake sauce, the Captain’s Boil, which is a mixture of all the sauces (Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic). I got some with the mild and some with the medium level of spice.

For lunch, they have a sizzling plate combo with seafood assortment. It comes with mussels,, shrimp, clams, and crawfish (if they have it), and fried fish. This is a really great deal for lunch! Relatively filling and not bad. The plate comes sizzling hot and I’d recommend mixing the rice around because it’ll get a really nice crust developed kind of like in Bibimbap. The Captain’s Boil has a reputation of being expensive but this is a great alternative and very affordable.

Sizzling Combo

We also got some oysters, which are market price. The oysters come with horse radish, hot sauce, and also some cocktail sauce. Realllly tasty and delicious. I like the condiments they provide and everything is pretty fresh! Can be a bit expensive though, and oysters here are more expensive than a buck a schuck so try to refrain if you are planning on going elsewhere for oysters.


The mussels here are actually my favourite protein. I find that they are very meaty, and delicious and take on the sauce very well. It is a bit of a more tame of food choices but I find that it’s very filling, and tasty and goes well with rice dishes. Good compromise on a budget.


On this visit, I also got the Dungeness crab. Soo good! I love seafood. Everything here is very simple. It’s not too fancy or done up so you can really just eat the seafood and enjoy the flavours.

Dungeness Crab

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at The Captain’s Boil. On the occasion that went, everything was good and fresh. It is a bit on the more expensive side, but it’s seafood and we are landlocked so finding cheap seafood here in Edmonton is pretty tough. On the occasions where I went back, I got the lobster, crawfish, and other dishes. Crawfish is fun to eat, but I do find that there isn’t too much meat and may be more trouble than what it’s worth. I say five a try for the gloves/bib experience but it is on the expensive side so be weary.


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