Tiramisu Bistro

 10750 124 Street, Edmonton

Last month I went to Tiramisu Bistro for the first time. They are right at the start of the 124 street market when it’s on 107 avenue. I was invited to come to give their spaghetti cone a try. It comes with a full serving of spaghetti, so it is actually quite filling, and best part is, it comes in a cone!


It’s very portable and great for a summer day where you can walk around, and especially great when the 124th street market is going on.


There are 5 bases of sauce to choose from, and several different protein options. On the left, I opted to get the marinara  with meatballs, and on the left, is the chicken with pesto with sun-dried tomato. I definitely liked the pesto and sun-dried tomato sauce! It was really good. I might opt to get the prawns next. I’ve also seen amazing photos of their brunch so I will definitely be back to check it out some time!


Two more cones! I got the Marina with meatballs again, and this time the Gorgonzola with apples. I really enjoyed the Gorgonzola! The apples give it a nice sweetness and it might be my new favourite from Tiramisu.

Tiramisu Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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