Golden Bunch Foods Ltd (food truck)

Golden Bunch Foods is a small food truck that opened up this last year! So far I’ve seen them at festivals around the city and also at K-days. Their signature dish is their Freakk Fries! They use some method of mashing/frying to create over foot long fries! They are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside and have several sauces to choose from!

Freakk Fries

In term of price, I would say it’s one of the better priced options that you can get at K-days! The portion is quite big and it’s filling.

Another dish I got to try were their Masala spuds. These were nicely flavoured and had a really good seasoning.

Overall really tasty! I did feel like my fries were lacking a bit on the sauce. They saw my photo and messaged me saying that the amount I received was half of the amount that the staff should have put so they still need to work a bit on their QC/QA but otherwise it was pretty good!

Masala Spuds

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